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Saturday, January 28th, 2006

January 28, 2006

Greetings Local 47 Colleagues,
Lot’s to cover this time and lots to get worked up about our Local!

I. Another non-meeting with a side of arrogance.
(Board votes to keep quorum at 100 the following day)
II. A Poem commemorating the auspicious evening.
III. Members rebuttal letter is refused for Overture printing.
IV. Reminder of Ewart Family blood drive on February 7th at the Union

Bravo to the 83-86 Members who took the time to show up for
the once again NON-Meeting last Monday at the Local. Needless
to say there were some very upset members at the gathering,
members who made their displeasure known in a very vocal way,
especially when President Espinoza declared the meeting adjourned
at 7:10pm. A former member of the Local 47 board said they
never remembered a meeting being adjourned so quickly before.
No one on the committee ever remembered a meeting being
adjourned so quickly either, but there it was.