Greetings Local 47 Colleagues!,

As we promised, here is our conversation with Barbara Markey,
the 15-year employee fired in a most embarrassing and
demeaning way.

It’s a bit of a read, but please take the time. This is important
information about the conduct that is being allowed by our
Executive Officers. From what we gather, much or most of the
board has been out of the loop on these actions.

Please read this and send it far and wide. This conduct will not
be stopped until we stand together and demand accountability!

Thank You



Our conversation with Barbara Markay.

We recently had a lengthy conversation with Barbara Markey, a
15-year employee and business rep for Local 47 who returned
from vacation to find out she’d been fired while she was out of

This is a summary of what Barbara told us:

•Bill Creelman, her immediate supervisor told her by phone on
that Friday to contact President Hal Espinosa’s office before
coming back to work. She left several messages with the
President but never received a return call.

•On Monday morning she came to the Union, was stopped by
Secretary-Treasurer Serena Williams and told to wait in the
hallway until “General Manager” Doug Caine came down to
escort her. Barbara could see her office was already being
physically dismantled. She had not received a letter, a notice, a
phone call, an e-mail, nothing, nada! Caine arrived and, in front
of other employees, said they were letting Barbara go because
they could not justify paying her salary with her “limited skills set”
– skills that have served the members of this Local well for 15
years, and skills that have received high praise from the
Executive Board.

• Here’s a quote from Barbara about that Monday: “When Doug
Caine was standing by my space talking to me about the final
severance pay agreement, he didn’t have it written up yet. I said,
“So are you going to give me anything, two weeks pay, a months’
pay, what? anything? You just want me to go away now?”
He said in front of everyone, “Well, what do you want?” Then I
said, “Well what are you offering?” He said again, “What do you
want?” It’s then he tried to get me to go upstairs with him to
decide at that moment. I said I wasn’t ready to decide anything
now. It wasn’t until the next day, Tuesday, that he had his little
agreement printed up. Everyone in the office (at least the people
in front) heard him in this conversation.”

•Caine also told her that day that the Union was taking a
different direction to handling ALL the departments. According
to Doug Caine – If someone couldn’t do two or three jobs then
they had to go. He apparently didn’t know that Barbara had
already done five! In fact, it was Barbara and her “LIMITED SKILL
SET” that created or helped to create several long running
programs at the Local, namely the recording studio, the video
program, CD Sales, the Radio Airplay program and industry
seminars. All created with her “LIMITED SKILL SET”.

•Barbara’s “Tip Sheet”, actually a small book, written and
compiled by Barbara, was a wealth of information to guide
musicians in establishing a career in the industry. So, the office
that she spent so much time creating had simply vanished.
Erased in one day!

•Caine tried then and there to get her to sign a severance
agreement (a confidential legal document stating the terms of
the termination). Remember – this humiliation is taking place in
the main office in front of the staff employees! She refused,
stating that she would not sign a settlement on the spot because
she wanted to make sure the package was fair. She was told she
had 21 days to decide.

• A FINAL INSULT: In a final act of insult to Barbara, as she was
leaving on Tuesday she asked Hagny to give her a membership
book and a copy of the By-laws. Caine stopped her and asked
Barbara if she was a member! This unelected person who had
the gall to tell Barbara that she was being let go because of her
“LIMITED SKILL SET” didn’t even know if she was a member or not!
We have seldom heard of such ignorant arrogance from an
unelected local 47 employee.


So then, dear colleagues, who’s next under the axe? Through
the Freelance Musicians Association we hear that Al Rubalcava’s
hours might be cut, a LIVE business rep by the way. The studio’s
already been marginalized, as has the referral service.

At general membership meetings and board meetings Vice
President Trombetta numerous times has said that services like
CD Sales/Radio Airplay, the recording studio, and the referral
service should have no place in our union. All three of these
services according to the Bylaws are under his control.

Vice President Trombetta’s statements have been confirmed by
former and current employees of Local 47, plus other members
who’ve heard the same from Vice President Trombetta.

MEMBERSHIP. Should anyone who holds such distain for the
needs of the membership as a whole be allowed to serve as an
Executive Officer?

WHO REALLY FIRED BARBARA? Who was Caine acting on behalf
of? Not the board, because when we spoke with several board
members about this issue, they had no idea that Barbara had
been fired. Who then decided to terminate her?

By the bylaws, it is the Board who hires and fires business reps,
but there seems to be some question. Was it Creelman, her
supervisor? Trombetta, her officer-in-charge? Espinosa, the-
buck-stops-here president? Or was it Doug Caine? (an unelected
hired hand) On whose authority did Doug Caine terminate

Through her office Barbara has helped innumerable members
make smart career decisions. Should not the membership have
been consulted if the closure of her office was being considered?

We will continue to investigate and report to you.

GET INVOLVED! Let the Board know what you think of the
conduct of our Executive Officers and their hired help!


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