Greetings Local 47 Colleagues,

As we promised, here are some of the reactions we’ve gotten to date about the classless way Barbara Markay, a 15 year employee and business rep of the Local was fired and the possibly illegal conduct of a NON-ELECTED Local 47 employee, Doug Caine.

These are also reactions to the series of E-mails that went between Lisa Haley of the Freelance Musicians Association and Doug Caine, Executive Board Frontman (Listed as Office Manager).

You input in very welcome. Next we will send you testimonials of some of those who’ve benefited from Barbara’s expertise:



This is absurd/outrageous, and simply not acceptable.
Many thanks to the Committee for bringing this matter
to the membership. Her (Barbara’s) hard work has obviously gone to
the wayside and her and all of her hard work have been
pushed out the back door like a bag of garbage.

I agree, lets have accountability within the union.


Don’t wait…..get to the ELECTED BOARD before history is written by the hired help! The ELECTED BOARD is responsible to US and THEY are the ones who are responsible for defining the duties of Mr. Caine. The buck stops at the President’s desk IF we make it so. Let Hal TELL YOU he has given control of our union services to someone who has never had any use for them.


Dear Lisa (HALEY), Again…. you are asking us to forward “any and all e-mail comments to Doug Caine.” Why? Mr. Caine is not beholden to us! Mr Caine is beholden to the ELECTED OFFICERS!!!!!!

I for “1 Vote” will send any and all correspondence to P-VP and S. of Local 47.
Please……Lisa ….. IF YOU ARE REALLY INTERESTED in making a difference….you will ASK ALL MEMBERS to direct … All concerns TO those persons who are ABLE to make the decisions concerning OUR Union business. Further , how arrogant is it that Doug Caine considers anything not sent DIRECTLY to HIM ( non-valid originals)?


Best Regards,


.Dear Colleagues

It is time to consider a platform that can be supported by the MAJORITY of members that will include the representation of the ENTIRE membership. There should be no US and THEM. The Union has a responsibility to it’s members…ALL IT”S MEMBERS…and since ALL THE MEMBERS are not being represented ,or EVEN HEARD , there is a real problem.

It was pointed out to me by a sister colleague that when a Union has 9,000 political votes it has more power in the environment than a Union that has 2,000 votes. For those MEMBERS who happen to be of the mind to RELEASE all the “Saturday Night Players”.. they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Let us never forget… it is not the NAMED player that is making
all those work dues, it is the POSITION that makes those work dues.
A strong union maintains the POSITIONS and without the foundation of
a thriving workforce in every arena the INVISIBLE TALENT will be
further diminished by our environment.

In Solidarity, Helen Crosby


Another example of incompetence and paternal B.S. Who hired this
character and why? Lose this moron Caine asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


When I read this account, what keeps going through my mind is WHERE IS HAL? Why is Doug Caine acting like the president of the union? In my opinion, Mr. Caine has no business dealing with any of this.

Does Mr. Caine have legal authority to be carrying out these actions? The callous way in which he has treated Barbara Markay and others is just appalling.

To suggest to her to “hang a shingle” is just repugnant and shows how little he cares about others. This situation speaks very ill of our local.


I am ready to quit when we need to take a final stand….
the only sad thing is we will still have to pay traveling work dues and they already got my annual $190…but if Barbara is not there….they are not getting the $190 next year….. i don’t know how many of us in FMA…..but if we have 200 or so…that is a nice chunk in yearly dues they will not receive…$38,000 to be specific if my calculator is right….
as I mentioned I am in local 7 and 353…..
Barbara and Errol are the only reasons i have stayed in…..and i have always been able to go to Al about any problem…..


I am a 20 year member of local 47, and after seeing this situation
unfold, I am outraged.

I have paid my dues religiously all these years, and to be honest, I
don’t get ANY help from local 47 in finding work. But I pay them
anyway as to keep in good standing. Local 47 has never done anything
for me as a working musician in Los Angeles.

I am appalled by the small minded thinking that is going on here.
Ms. Markey seems like a valuable asset, but as usual these days, the
incompetence of the higher ups who don’t know what the left hand is
saying to the right, somehow get away with this incompetent behavior.

I am of a growing number of musicians in this town who are starting
to look at Local 47 as somewhat of a joke. I will be spreading the
word on this, and hopefully the idiots responsible for this firing
will lose their jobs as well. Its time to put an end to people
ruining other people’s lives and not thinking twice about it…. I
hope this does not fall upon deaf ears …

A Concerned Member …


Does this wanker (Doug Caine) know Michael Chertoff?????????????????



Who created the position of general manager?

Doug works out of Hal’s office.

Doug has been sworn in? What is his role and why was he sworn in?

Was there a new titled officer position created

What is the history behind that.

What is Doug’s new position costing the union? Where did the money come from.

Who was the general manager before?

If there was what is the salary.

Is Doug receiving more money for this title?

Is Doug an Employee? Or a new additional Titled Officer?

You need to find this out first. Before you assume that the President and those responsible for the creation of that position ask yourself why are they trying to make these changes in the first place.

If the members are not able to organize to get a quorum to have there interests represented, then at least it is the duty of the President to tell the members exactly what he’s doing. That’s the least they could do. Via E-MAILS, Union Newspaper. Lack of communication is exactly where all the problems begin in the first place.

Will we ever learn?


All I have to say is: If what I have been reading is an accurate account of the exchanges as represented, AND the included “notes”, and I believe it is, then there is a smoldering stench that reminds me of my occasional trips up the ‘”5″ past the Harris Ranch. I think you understand what I am trying to say.

Bottom line, the “cover-up” will result in reverberations that will bring back very unpleasant memories. Let me explain, briefly:
Early fifties and early to middle sixties, if my memory serves me correctly, when the Union was so immersed in interenal friction.

Please enlighten me, and relieve me of my apprehension.


How about the following slogan for the FMA:

Ask not what you can do for your Union,

Ask what your Union can do for you.


Although I am relatively new to the union, and relatively inexperienced
in the music industry, I was saddened to hear of Barbara Markay’s dismissal,
and the discontinuation of the services she provided. Lisa makes many great
points. From my own inexperienced point of view – it would seem that an
invaluable service was taken from us. What can I do, as a member to help
with this situation?


My take on most services that are provided to people who want to get their
product out there — whether it’s a union service or an outside service — is
that there is not enough hands-on person-to-person communication with a
representative of the organization providing the service. There are plenty of
flyers, brochures, etc., but basically what I hear people saying about most
services — again let me specify from all types of service providers — is
that there is not enough personal one-on-one contact.

My take is that we need more across-the-desk personal conversation with someone who’s interests are on the products of the clients of that particular service. In general, I think this is a problem in our society as a whole.


Is Al Rubalcava still there at the Loco, I mean Local?


I am certainly interested in what’s going on at the union.
As with all organizations there are going to be some things that
appear positive to some members and other things that will appear

You seem to indicate that there is some type of restructuring in
process via the firing of an employee
and the moving of one long time employee from full time to part time
As this is all news to us, was she actually fired with an
explanation, or fired with no explanation?
And what explanation was given for moving AL from full time to part
I see Al’s situation is that of a ‘possible reduction’ reduction in
How does a very specific ‘possibility’ become public knowledge?
Is it a matter being voted on or has someone submitted a proposal for
such action, or was it a threat hurled about?

This last emailing indicates that the union leadership is maintaining
support for the recording musician’s services
which is being prioritized at the expense of the non-recording
Based on what is being said so far,
I don’t find the current news as an indication of a major assault on
non-recording musicians in and of itself.
Though, as you seem to suggest, this could be – only time will tell.

On the few occasional times that I have dropped into the union’s
front office area where Ms. Markay’s desk is, I haven’t seen her around.
I gathered that her job must take her around the building or off
site, I never really figured that one out.
I have had conversations with her in the past (when she first set up
that office) and she was always well informed, courteous and motivated.
Quite a while ago Al’s office moved downstairs from the 2nd floor to
the main new office area.
It moved several times from being very visible to being more and more
remotely visible.

I always thought that the people that had the most member need and
contact should be up front and visible, but it seems like they have
been hidden.
The exception being the Musician’s Network Office which is right
there by the front door, first thing when you walk in.

This past year has seen the creation of a new rehearsal hall facility.
This has been in everyone’s interest, I believe.
I only wish someone could give a definitive finish date.

I do feel that the situation created by raising the quorum minimum
has created a situation that is unacceptable to a lot of members.
There seems to be a trend going on in the ‘organizational community’
to make decision making more streamlined.
Some organizations had ‘takeover attempts’ and had to restructure the
rules to avoid future wasted funds
and time battling such events – this was the case, I believe with
the So. CA Auto Club and their board of directors.
They sent out a letter asking for the members for a signature to do so.
NARAS (The Recording Academy) changed their bylaws to bring them up
to date with contemporary legal standards
and sent the entire membership a letter asking for their signature to
do so.
Maybe the union out to follow a similar approach.

The problem with union meetings and voting procedures is that most
members don’t live close by.
So the obvious answer to that problem in this day and age is the
I believe that most of the active membership has online capability
and would agree to a move to direct online communication with the union.
Perhaps it’s time to have the Musician’s local move to an online town-
hall meeting approach.
Perhaps issues could be put on line at their website in a member’s
only area.
Email invites could be sent out when issues are put forth by the board.
Maybe a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly or bi-monthly – whatever seems
to work best Local 47 digest of issues could be emailed out
just for the purpose of bringing vote oriented issues to the fore front.
A trial period would have to ensue to figure out, if this method
proves popular to come to consensus of what an online quorum would
have to be.
If participation was much greater than the physical meetings then a
higher quorum could be set.
Voting on issues could have a time period (for example: within a one
week period) and a cut off date for voting on line.
That way, those without a computer terminal would have time to go to
their local library (or use the computer of a friend, relative or
neighbor) to go on line and vote.

Basically, what I am suggesting is that:

a move to on line virtual meetings and voting could provide more
participation from the membership in general


i pay the same in work dues as a recording musician…..
if more musicians paid work dues i don’t think we would have this problem…i don’t blame rma for feeling like they are carrying the union…..most musicians i know do not pay work dues for the live perfromances….
yes i know we never had an office manager before…interesting….
i will fight with you….no worries…i am a fighter….plus they already have my 190 for the year..
love, jamie

and that the current news about Barbara and Al should be explained at
the least…. .


Dear Colleagues,

In the comments above, there were a number of questions asked. We’d like to answer some of them for you as best we can.

•Is Al Rubicava still at the Local? As far as we know Al is still there, though we don’t know if he’s been reduced to part time, which was a concern.

• Someone above suggested voting on the web, and virtual meetings. A couple of years ago an attempt was made to make the voting at the union entirely by mail. This process would certainly have saved the members a great deal of money, since they would not have to spend the time nor the gas to get down to the union.

Most organizations, and actually most AFM locals do their voting by mail. Unfortunately, the RMA (Recording Musicians Association), not wanting their power at the Local diluted, packed the meeting to make sure the proposal didn’t pass.

• The list of questions concerning Doug Caine and how he came to be a our local with such out of proportion authority will be sent to the executive board with a formal request for answers.

Dear colleagues, make your feelings and outrage known. The President, VP and Secretary all have secretaries, phones and e-mail. Demand they be accountable for their actions. If anyone at the local overstepped their authority, they should be made to pay a price for it.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned and remember these actions on Election day!!

The Committee for a More Responsible Local 47

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