70+ members attend Monday night’s Local 47 Membership Meeting (July)!

Greetings Local 47 Colleagues!,

Bravo to the 70+ Local 47 members who braved the heat and came out to take part in their Local’s future! By comparison, last year’s July meeting was attended by (besides the board members) two people. One member and someone there for a 50 year pin!

It was a rousing close to four hours long!

Early on there was some discussion of new pianos in practice rooms, that members shouldn’t bring food or drink into the practices rooms and that the Financial Services offices and the auditorium are going to be refurbished.

A moment of silence was observed for our brother Richard Totusek, who recently passed away. He was a true gem and is already sorely missed.

After some other various talk Local 47 Counsel Lewis Levy gave the report on the imposter email account.

Combining information from their own investigation and information given to them by Local 47 member Charles Fernandez, we can now tell you some interesting info.


According to the report:

Who created the imposter e-mail account?
Former Office Manager DOUG CAINE
How was it funded?

Mr. Caine said President Espinosa authorized the creation of the account, the President denies it.


According to the report, the former Office Manager had been authorized in February, 2006 by the board to create an email account with which to send info to the members. While that account was never used, Mr. Caine, according to Mr. Levy’s report, created the account and sent the email on his own.

The entire report should be available for your own reading on the Local 47 website very shortly, if it isn’t already. It should also be printed in next months’ Overture. We suggest you read it yourself and take away from it what you will, then LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!

While there seemed to be quite a number of attempts to deflect the blame for the recent problems that were created at the Local, the attempts were woefully unsuccessful, at least according to a majority of the members there.


At one point in the meeting, VP Trombetta tried to spin a tale of conspiracy, as though the COMMITTEE and/or Brother Fernandez had somehow engineered the creation of the imposter email and everything that followed. It was surreal and laughable, though some of the members took great offense at the absurdity of the “suppositions”, and felt quite insulted by the implication. It was certainly a desperate attempt at deflection, but actually quite amusing!

We’ll have more to say about the meeting in a few days. If you’re one of the members who attended, please write and let us know YOUR impressions of the meeting! We’ll certainly share them with your brethren!

BRAVO AGAIN TO THOSE IN ATTENDANCE!, and plan now to attend the next meeting!

Until next time,


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