…Absolutely guaranteed anonymity – Former Musician’s Union officer
…The one voice of reason in a sea of insanity – Nashville ‘first call’
scoring musician
…Allows us to speak our minds without fear of reprisal – L.A. Symphonic musician
…Reporting issues the Musicians Union doesn’t dare to mention – National touring musician



It’s very telling that there were hundreds there Monday night for the
Lifetime Achievement Awards, but by the time they set up for
the meeting they couldn’t even make quorum. Only 43 stayed.

See the minutes below….

Many introductions – politicians – All Recording musician oriented.
When President Acosta explained what the awards were he mentioned recording musicians first, then orchestral and

copying folks..

Lots of shout outs to RMA friendly folks.

The five honored were:
Gene Cipriano – presented by Dan Higgins
Vincent DeRosa – presented by Annie Bosler
Louise DeTullio – presented by Gayle Levant
Carol Kaye – presented by Chuck Berghofer

Dick Nash presented by Alan Kaplan

Each presenter was presented by Rick Baptist.
And each recipient was given a trophy and
certificate from the city.

As you can tell, all the honorees were primarily
recording musicians. Were there no long term
LA Phil musicians they could have honored? The
local of course, knows where they think their
bread is buttered. All are certainly far more than
deserving, but how about someone who is not
an RMA Member.


Didn’t get to actual meeting till 8:15

While the room was packed for the awards (hundreds),
how telling that no quorum was reached for
the meeting. Only 43 stayed.

Called the roll…

Seems a majority of those in attendance were
“Interested parties” In other words, those who
make money working for the union on the board
or in committees.

50 Year Pins given out:
John Scalo(SP?)
Rusty Higgins

Officer reports given –
President – Showed presentation.
Update on building transition – McCormick is
contractor. McCormick construction management.

Rehearsal rooms

Multipurpose room and main exterior

LA Phil
LA Opera  Ratified
New West
Metro Community Orch Ratified
Tanikawa CBA Ratified
Musica Angelica
San Bernadino Sym in progress

Pasa Sym ongoing.
LA Jewish Sym
Perf Arts Center of LA “Dance at the Music Center”
Riverside Phil in progress
LA Master Chorale
Pasadena Playhouse

Grants and some other giving drying up, could be
a problem for smaller orchestras

2016 – 12,663 contracts (79 Million dollars in Wages) –
Slightly larger than last year.

Preached union vs. non-union.
Local wants to have rank and file help.  – Hopefully
the rank and file will help the union as much as the
union has helped the rank and file.

MAY DAY – May 1st – international workers day.
Worker  from the union spoke.
Some are working toward a ‘right to work’ situation.
May 1st there will be a March.
Wants members to come out on Monday to march.
MacArthur Park through Pershing Square to City Hall.
[EC: The irony was stifling. Our union has done more
to grow nonunion work than any other entity.]
Many talked in support to the March.

Back to the Pres.
Initiatives – Getting into the building
Discussion – SP562 – single payer health care.
If we can get it passed, it will reduce the problem
of health care in contracts.

Member spoke on SP562. Please help make calls!
Call your state senator to support this bill.

Planning  (5 year plan) will be presented in July.
Want to try to recapture members who’ve left.

Will be honoring Lalo Schifrin
Concert Oct 7th at the Alex Theater.
Who’s paying for it? Music Fund of Los Angeles
(From the Local), Musicians at Play and Varese

Lots of nego… gives the Pres. praise.

In New York – Nego Live TV. Contract has been
around since 1954. Academy Awards Show –
Got musicians listed on the crawl.
Maybe the Golden Globes, Tonys etc. in the future.

LACC – Herb Alpert School – will be on career
technical advisory board.

2016 –
revenue  – $4,624,000+
cost – $4,543,000+
income $81,827 dollars

Membership drive is on right now.

DIRECTORY COMING OUT – Make sure they have
your most recent info.

We’re part of the Actor’s Fund and can call on
their services. If you know anyone have challenges,
please let them know that the Actor’s Fund is
there to help.

One thing to vote on, but no quorum, so it
was voted on by the board members.

Called Exec. Board Meeting. – no meeting quorum,
did have a board quorum.

Discussed the resolution:

[EC: In short the resolution was this. Currently the
Officers automatically get a COLA (Cost of Living
Increase) every year, though recently they have
foregone them because of the Local’s finances

This resolution would change it so they would only
get a COLA if the Local was in the green enough to
pay for the COLA’s cost TIMES 5.

In other words, if the cola would cost the Local, say
$5,000, the Local would have to make a profit of at least
$25,000 in profit (5 times the cost of the COLA.]

Salary Revue Board spoke in favor.
But wanted to amend it.
Originally, wanted to include board and committees
in COLA (cost of living increase calc. Legislative
committee said they should not do that. Should be
only for the titled officers, a formula to be used to
decide if they get a COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment).
If it shows that the local has been in positive territory
they get the cola, if not they don’t.

Election Board was given as an example – they make
a lot in election years, not much in others.

Remove Article V, Section VI

Much Discussion.

Who does the calculation?
Board member: Couldn’t do it last time because
of the quorum.

Member: Can the officers vote on it? Yes
Can send it to the membership by mail.

Board Member: Board member must recuse themselves
if they have a fiduciary interest.
Parliamentarian: No they don’t.

Motion to accept change was moved and seconded.
Board voted to accept the change.

Committee member: This is an attempt to MODERATE
the salaries by making the cola only be used if the
Local makes enough of a profit to offset the COLA.
(Times 5)

Committee member: Creates a minimum that must be
reached for the COLA to be used. Is a simple floor.

Legislative committee position: Formula was inconsistent

Member asked: There are three months between meetings.
Why couldn’t this have been worked out in those three
months so we don’t have to sit through the minutiae in
a meeting?

Answer: Once the resolution is in print, it can only be
changed in a membership meeting.

Question called: Must vote on amendment first
Amendment restricted it to the titled officers… Passed by board
Now onto the resolution as amended – Passed

Meeting adjourned at 9:45PM



Member: I believe the reason his title “Music Contractor” is why
he’s not an agent as he characterizes his job.

Also interesting point, at the end of article “embrace all
job opportunities not just the highest paying ones ” and
“We need to modernize without CANNIBALIZING”

Member comment:
I believe it is too late to prevent “CANNIBALIZING” He teamed
up with the other one who eat most everything.

The Man Behind Hollywood’s Top Musicians

FORBES – Apr 27, 2017 @ 07:00 AM

The world’s most famous film music composers are
as well respected as any other mainstream artists
today, and a number of them are even household
names. But the vehicle by which we come to know
and love these composers’ work is via a community
of world-class musicians who bring life to the musical
notes these composers have crafted on paper (or
more likely on a computer). These cellists, trombonists,
percussionists, vocalists, pianists and many more
have recorded the most famous and memorable
scores in history. But how do Hollywood’s top
composers secure the best musicians for their

Enter Peter Rotter and his company Encompass Music Partners.
Rotter is a music contractor and coordinator, which is
essentially a middleman, who’s been connecting the
harmonious dots since 1987. Having served as a music
consultant to Hollywood film score giants (John Williams,
Hans Zimmer, James Horner, James Newton Howard,
Alan Silvestri, Alexandre Desplat, Henry Jackman and
Brian Tyler, to name a few), it’s safe to say that he
works on more films than anyone else in the entire
music industry. Rotter says, “The fun part of my job
is being a musical casting agent. I basically become
part of the music, and provide the paint colors to the
composer’s canvas.” For example, for Hans Zimmer’s
score for Man of Steel, Rotter contracted ten of the
most renowned drummers on the earth, including
Pharrell Williams and Sheila E (known for performing
with Prince). Rotter also works with Grammy-nominated
Randy Kerber, who is one of the most respected pianists
in Hollywood history. In addition to performing on the
La La Land soundtrack, which Rotter worked on, Kerber
can be heard performing on John Williams’ iconic Harry
Potter theme, as well as songs for Michael Jackson.

Perhaps most unique and exciting to the film music
industry of late is Hans Zimmer’s live show, which
was trending on YouTube after his debut performance
at Coachella. Rotter is responsible for contracting
Zimmer’s string players and choral singers for every
West Coast performance, and the group is now on
tour across the globe.

Today Rotter works with over 60 composers who
specialize in scores across all mediums, including
film, television, video games, commercials, trailers,
records and various forms of new media. He says
that he has worked on over 1,000 film scores and
hundreds of episodes for television. The musicians
that he works with have spent as much or more
time studying as lawyers and doctors. They work
tirelessly to learn and maintain the craft of playing
their instruments. This dedication and hard work
translate into legendary performances that continue
to leave marks on the history of music.

The future of Rotter’s business is at the mercy of
the musician/performer unions and how they adapt
to the new age of content distribution. As more
content is created on new media, the landscape of
performance residuals and player union fees is still
being determined. This leaves challenges for
multiple sectors within the music industry:
performing artists, licensing, performing rights
organizations, film composers and music contractors.
Rotter’s philosophy is that “we need to modernize
without cannibalizing,” referring to the unions’
necessity to adjust to new business models. He
explains that to do this we have to embrace all job
opportunities, not just the highest-paying ones.
Meeting a project’s creative needs should be the
top priority, and introducing a range of budget
tiers will make the industry explode again. Rotter
concludes, “I want to create a legacy that builds
a bridge for the future of the music business.”

Jordan Passman is the Founder & CEO of
SCORE A SCORE, an LA-based company
focused on simplifying custom music and licensing.



Local 47 AFM:

I was just visiting the Local 47 website and noticed the heading
of Musicians of Hollywood. There is far more to the jurisdiction
of Local 47 than just Hollywood (and by extension, Recording

For example, orchestral musicians in the Local’s jurisdiction also
have a standing in the world community but you wouldn’t know
looking at the Local 47 Website. No mention of the LA Phil,
LA Chamber Orchestra or LA Opera Orchestra. The LA Phil is
one of the five premiere orchestras of the world. It’s possible
that the LA Phil is producing more dues than the recording
musicians considering the loss of work. Yet they still solely
kiss the RMA Ring.



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