…Absolutely guaranteed anonymity – Former Musician’s Union officer
…The one voice of reason in a sea of insanity – Nashville ‘first call’
scoring musician
…Allows us to speak our minds without fear of reprisal – L.A. Symphonic musician
…Reporting issues the Musicians Union doesn’t dare to mention – National touring musician

Name Withheld



Two days after the Lawyer’s letter was hand delivered to the
Board of LOCAL 47, the Local’s Counsel sent a letter to
the Lawyer, Robert Hershman, demanding the names of ALL
of the members he represents.

This was exactly why the two main plaintiffs, Helen Crosby
and Charles Fernandez, agreed not to share the names
of their like minded colleagues with Mr. Hershman

The Counsel couldn’t refute anything in the letter, so he wants to go
after those members who dare question the Local’s edict.

The identity of those members who’ve contributed to the costs
of the lawyer’s fees and those who haven’t but support the cause in
other ways will NEVER be given to the Local. The main plaintiffs
consider those names sacrosanct, and the Local has no right to

The charges are just as legit whether they represent one member
or 200, or 2000.

We see no need to expose colleagues to the possibility of retaliation
for exercising their rights as union members.

It is that guarantee of anonymity that has helped the COMMITTEE
over the last 10 years become the most trusted place for friend
and foe alike to express their thoughts without fear of retribution.

The co-plaintiffs will protect their like minded members
with exactly the same ferocity.




It has come to our attention that one of the
realtors is sending letters to their friends in the
local to elicit a yes vote.

It appears to be a form letter, but is personalized
to the individual.

The Phrase “I saw your name on a list a week ago or so that you
had not sent in your ballot yet.” is contained in the letter.

So how did the realtor (member or not) gets access to a list that
contains private information about the voting members?

The Realtor is:
1) Not on the board.
2) Not on the election committee.
3) Not a member of the administration in any way.

So who gave them access?

Yet another inside job by the Local to grease the skids,
even if that means giving inappropriate access to private
info of members voting, or non-voting habits.

Can those against the sale request and receive the names of
those who’ve not voted? If not, this was totally inappropriate.
But they’ll find some excuse and brush it off, knowing most of
the membership will say nothing and do even less.

Are you supporters starting to sense a problem yet?

Is there anything they won’t do? When will the other
shoe drop.

This entire referendum from the start has been a poster child
for the saying, “Better to ask forgiveness than permission”

The entire letter, received by more than one member,
Appears below….

From: name redacted
Subject: music note
Date: January 6, 2016 Time Stamp Redacted
To: Recipient name redacted

Happy New Year! Please read the following and advise me how to respond.
I have been harassed by the VP’s secretary, who had the balls to ask
which way I was voting!?~~ Now this….


Dear, Recipient name Redacted

I hope the New Year finds you well. I of course am the Union
member Realtor handling the upcoming sale of the Musician’s
Union. I saw your name on a list a week ago or so that you had
not sent in your ballot yet. We are getting very close to the
ballots necessary but I would hate to not make the quota and
have to waste time and Union money starting over, etc.

In case you haven’t been following, in short, the Union wants to
sell it’s building (about 24 million) and buy and modernize another
building (10-14 million). Keeping a similar sized building and all
the amenities we have now plus a few new ones. So we would put
about 10 million into a safe investment and could use the interest
to promote musical activities and more work!

A Yes vote means the Union is allowed to sell the building for
22 million or more. A No vote means there will be no sale.

Please vote! I am writing you instead of Union phone bank
contacting you time after time, I figured you would appreciate

IF you have misplaced or lost your ballot, NO PROBLEM,
please let me know I and will direct you to a way to get a new one.

I know because I am often guilty of not taking a minute or two
to fill out a ballot, but I believe this is important for the future
of our Musician’s Union and our livelihood.

So could you just reply back to me and let me know you got
my email and whether you wish to vote or not. We have to
contact over 6,000 members and I don’t want to keep
contacting you over and over if you have sent in or are
in the process of sending in ballot.


[EC: According to the person who received the letter,
they had not heard from him since college and now wants
support to get thousands of dollars in commissions.

While the realtor does not lose his right as a member to voice
his support or to solicit…he should have recused himself in
this instance.  Except to perhaps his actual friends in his sphere.

But again, the use of the members private voting status (Supplied by
someone at the Local) to us is egregious.]



Hi Committee

I wanted to clarify one part of the voting procedure used in
the sale of the building.    

The voting procedure for election of officers does not necessarily
have to be used in other instances where a vote of the membership
is required.  

Federal law requires that In an election, all measures must be
taken to ensure that no candidate has an unfair advantage over
another. Therefore, no candidate may use union funds (newsletters,
union phones, union website, union logo or letterhead, union
credit card, etc) to promote their candidacy. 

Similarly, no union officer or candidate for election should have
access to the balloting process which includes the creation or
printing of the ballot, distribution of the ballot or collection
and tabulation of the ballots.  Most locals have a mechanism
for the creation of an election committee which has the responsibility
of conducting the election which includes all of the items previously

I don’t believe there is a legal requirement that all non-election issues
follow the same procedure in terms of the membership voting an
issue up or down.  So under Local 47 bylaws, there may not be a
procedure in place for non-election membership voting which means
any decisions regarding a membership vote would be entirely at the
discretion of the board.  

While the attorney seems to imply differently, I don’t think there is a
legal bar for the Officers or board of Local 47 to use the local newsletter
in support of a yes vote on the sale and I doubt if there is a legal
requirement to allow those in opposition to be given space in the

However, Mr. Hirshman raises a terrific moral point in terms of the
voting process in that he ties this important decision of a lifetime
for the members of Local 47 to the transparency that is apparent
when the election voting procedures are utilized. And transparency
is needed in all matters that affect the membership.

Wishing everyone the best for 2016.



In doing a web search, it looks like the AFM has been
busy filing lawsuits against major industry players in 2015.

April 27, 2015 Variety (US edition)
Case filed 4/24/15. Levy, Ford & Wallach/Bredhoff & Kaiser
AFM v. Warner Bros. Paramount, and MGM

May 7, 2015, Hollywood Reporter…Case Filed 5/26/15. Levy,
Ford & Wallach… AFM v. Columbia, Paramount, Twentieth
Century Fox,Universal City, Walt Disney Pictures, and Warner Bros.

July 8, 2015, Variety ….AFM v.Sony …Michael Jackson’s “This Is It”
Case filed in New York.

Aug. 11, 2015, Hollywood Reporter…”The American Federation
of Musicians of the United States and Canada continues on
its aggressive legal campaign …..”
AFM v. Sony, Universal Music Group,Warner Music branches
Warner Bros. Records and Atlantic, and Disney’s Hollywood Records.

International Musician September 22, 2015…AFM files suit
against the French company KIDAM.

Seems like the AFM would love to access that 10 million war
chest the Local would get if they get the votes to sell….
And who would get any small amount of work that is gotten
through lawsuits? The RMA of course. Nothing ever changes
for the Local’s true masters.

Nice big paycheck for the counsel too. What a surprise.



A beautiful expose on the attitude of the union to be like
a government and to manipulate the vote of its constituents

It was never easy to answer the call of the union to sell
the building as they set up their strategy to not allow
equal time to members that opposed the sale.

A sad commentary on equality.

It is time for the union to wake up and stop is myopic
vision of our business and also change legal council
that panders to the union view and never considers the
member view.

Shame on the Officers and Directors. You all can do better
than that. Such a wishy washy rubber stamp on our future.


Useful information. Fortunate me I found your website by
chance, and I am surprised why this coincidence did not
happened earlier! I bookmarked it.




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The European Concert Trio was formed in 2015 by
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Fri, FEB 19 – Encinitas – 7:30pm
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Sat, FEB 20 – Torrance – 3pm
Classical Crossroads &
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Sun, FEB 21 – Beverly Hills – 2pm
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You can read all previous offerings at:http://www.responsible47.com

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