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Now is the time to contact Gov. Newsom and your State Assembly and
State Senate representatives to support immediate repeal of AB 5 via AB-1928
introduced by Assembly Member Kevin Kiley.  A rally is taking place at the
State Capitol tomorrow.

Freelance workers cannot wait for AB-1850 (a placeholder bill currently without
language and a timeline) introduced by Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez as a
“clean-up” bill for her AB 5. We cannot place our lives on hold and
hope for a possible vote in September that will end this nightmare!


2. BILL 1850

Dear Editor,

State Assembly Member Lorena Gonzales has thrown a bone to our
industry…maybe.  An Amendment Bill AB-1850 (with no timeline and no
actual language) is being offered for consideration.

Local 47 AFM President John Acosta (a proponent of this earnings killer for the
vast majority of union members who do not solely earn a living in their chosen
profession reflected on W2s) told his Local 47 Board of Directors… He had
received a call from IASTE and was asked what plans the Local might have
…”openness to amendments”…as “they are also having issues
with their membership.” The Executive Board went into private (Executive
Session) for over an hour on this issue.

Is it going to be up to unions just what exemptions IF ANY will be allowed?!

Local 47 Member


3. Member Comment

Says bucketloads of what our union is doing to protect
working musicians!! This union has been going backwards for a long time now.
Very sad, especially for the young freelancers out there.


Until next time,


2 Responses to “NEWSOM / 1850 / COMMENT”

  1. I firmly believe that the unions (not just AFM) will be in control of which exemptions are allowed or rejected. AB5 was sponsored by unions. It was written by the unions, for the unions. The little guy isn’t being heard. The pessimist in me says he doesn’t even have a seat at the table. The optimist in me says “YET!”

  2. Contractor says:

    Well, I just had two chamber performances canceled because the presenter does not want to change from a 1099. I completely understand. A COMPLETELY ridiculous law.
    I am actually now moving some of my recording projects to Nashville. It will just be a lot more comfortable. Our union is living with contract language designed for the ’80s.
    A friend of mine (string player) in London just finished recording his 8th film since January 1st. They could have ALL been here without residual payments.

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