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Dear Editor, 

Just received a call from an enraged fellow musician…an opera that was scheduled for all next week has been cancelled due to AB5!  Here is a musician that relies on this type of community gig to pay the bills!  How will this musician cover this loss? So sad and will not be the only one….so many other persons in other fields are already feeling the pain of jobs lost and a mad scramble to get anything to keep money coming in.  As one person wrote re: Repeal AB5 ….in answer to Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez’s (who introduced the bill) comment, “People shouldn’t need to have two or three jobs…” “Thanks, now I have no jobs!”

Dark Dates will go Black Market and musicians will be relegated to the same status as the day laborers at Home Depot…illegal and working for cash! Sickening!

47 Member


It is pathetic that the musician union that suppose to defend the interest of musician is doing nothing to oppose this law that the only thing it will do is damage the entire music business.


Many musicians woke up on January 1, 2020 without a clue that their way of life was going to be in jeopardy. AB5 is a drastic game changer for people who are used to owning their own lives and livelihoods. This bill is a power grab by big labor and a money grab by an out of control legislature. Don’t whine…get busy and exercise your civic rights! Our government works best when it fears its voters!


This law is extremely harmful to the entire music community and will cause harmful consequences to the people working in this industry as well as for the general population who will be deprived of music because there just won’t ba any way to produce it any more. Venues will close, people will go broke with all the challenges that insures on the health of a human being.

I urge you to reconsider and amend this law to take our specific industry into consideration and leaving it out of this legislation.


We’ve also received word from another member who writes text for a publishing company on the side. Turns out the company has decided to leave California, eliminating whatever work was done by folks here.

Nice going AB5 supporters. (You listening John?…. Ray?)


There was a recent interview with one of the legislators who had to hear complaints from constituents whose work has disappeared directly because of AB5.

Her Response? “They’re lying.”

With friends like these….

Till next time.


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  1. John says:

    Says bucketloads of what our union is doing to protect working musicians!! This union has been going backwards for a long time now. Very sad, especially for the young freelancers out there.

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