Greetings Local 47 COLLEAGUES

For those of you received our offerings for the first time, WELCOME! This is a forum for Local 47 members in which you can comment and express yourself completely anonymously. Your identity will never been revealed unless YOU decide you want your name included with your posting. We also will advertise your events for you if you send us info, at NO COST.

We mostly exist to let you know what’s going on at the Local and what fellow members think that you will never find in the Overture, and to say the things that must not be said in public for fear of retribution. Should you wish to remove yourself simply use the link at the bottom of the page.

BRAVO AGAIN on our getting our voice back, but not all were happy about it. That is for the next mailing!

Now, however, here are some of the comments we’ve received about Monday’s meeting:


This meeting was by far the most constructive in years! However, the real issues were still not discussed. We have our voice back but it seems to me that the committee has a lot of labor law education to do so that most members can understand what it takes to have their voted-for execs make the change for us to be able to work under a collective bargaining agreement just like theater and recording musicians. As musicians we still have to negotiate contracts and therefore the liability in regards to juridical matters as well as union matters.
As for the health insurance. Who ever came up with a defined plan? By the way, I can set up non-defined health and pension plans with popular companies such as HealthNet, Blue Cross, Blue Shield or Aetna. So if anybody is interested, I’d be happy to assist.
To the network issue. As you all well know our board does not want to operate an office. They have not for years. Mr. Caine’s presentation of the referral site was rather depressing, listening to statements such as “The site will be the top-visible on the net.” What cloud is he on? Has he checked the net lately and seen the thousands of competitors that he is up against? I don’t think so. His budget may be enough to design and advertise the site but it will definitely not have a major impact on search engines. You need a little more money than that. The site is not even commerce-enabled. How does the board plan on coping with the accountability issue that forced them to close the network? Disturbing I found his statement in regards to the budget for the network. Where does he come up with this number? Maybe he is calculating Live-playing reps in the network budget AGAIN.
There is no substitute for having somebody getting involved in the business community and city to generate awareness of this local.
I applaud the membership for taking matters in their hands and the committee for creating this forum to stay informed.

Wow! What a great result. So much got done. Just goes
to show as to how much of our union dollar is going
towards building a better Musicians Union. The
membership spoke out, and hopefully now with a more
reasonable quorum, more things can get done by the
members, for the members.

Good work my music brothers and sisters!

This is fantastic news. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend because of a mandatory rehearsal, and worse I’ll be out of the country in Edinburgh, Scotland–where there is more work than there is here for live musicians like me–for the July meeting. Please keep up the good work and let’s get some intelligence back into this leadership. We must do something to bring new talent into the leadership that will actually do something to help those of us who are recording or symphony musicians. Bravo indeed.

Committee Members,
In the years I have been a member, I always just assumed the board were crooks and did whatever they (the RMA) wanted. Congratulations.

thank you thank you, I couldn’t be there, I had a
hemerage in my right eye and couldn’t drive. But you
have my support 100%. I was with you in spirit.
job well done.

Thanks. Keep us on your mailing list. I had to leave
before the tabulation last night so I’m happy to hear
the results.

Dear colleagues, thank you for representing us on
Monday. I am so happy that we do have a voice again
and that those issues that needed to be addressed were
and successfully. thank you again

Sorry I couldn’t be there. Bravo!

Great job! Keep up the good work.


We’ll share more comments in future mailings, but the next mailing will give space to one particular sender who REALLY doesn’t like the voice we’ve created or that we’ve gotten the voice in our Local back. They don’t like that voice, but neither do they remove themselves from the list. That’s a good thing. More information is always better.

Until next time!


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