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The text below came from a popular online blog for composers and orchestrators.
Hello my wonderful composer family! I was wondering if anyone
could give me referrals for a really awesome session orchestra?
The music is difficult, and I need players who are seasoned at
session work and can sightread well.

I recently recorded players here in Seattle from a local symphony –
all great performers, but not experienced studio players….and
there is unfortunately a good chance I’m not going to be able to
use the sessions that we did. 🙁 The likelihood of re-recording
seems eminent and this time around I need to get it right.

I’ve heard there is a great session orch in Nashville, and
obviously many in LA….just looking for links, referrals,
reviews….I need a GOOD one. Thanks in advance.

-If I am thinking correctly, I believe in East Coast Scoring ?

-Nashville for the win (unless its a Union LA gig).
Else London UK but exchange rate is a tough pill.

-My rep at Yamaha recommended one in Nashville as
well – do you happen to know which one, and a link? 🙂

-Contact Alan Umstead. Our guys here are as good as it gets.
Just did a session at Ocean Way the other day and I can’t
rave enough. They sight read like nobody’s business, too.

-I just recorded my piano tracks at Yamaha in Nashville (I’m a
Yamaha artist), and Ocean Way was highly recommended.
I’ll check it out – thank you!!

-I’ve seen great stuff out of ocean way

-Budapest is great

-seconded. The strings there are pretty great for the budget
they play their butts off and have fun doing their gig.

-Here’s another option for you. CMG, she’d be happy
to put together a quote for you.

-Are you familiar with the folks at Bastyr? (Seattle)
Might be worth reaching out, even if you wind up
going elsewhere.

-yes I actually recorded choir at Bastyr on my last
album… and yes familiar with Andrew – I hadn’t
thought of this. I will check it out.

-Seattle Music is the best option in the pacific
northwest. I’ve had dozens of session there
at Bastyr. Talk to David Sabee if you do.

-Hollywood Scoring (non-union) has really flexible
options that would suite your needs.

-“Well seasoned” and “sightread well” are both
terms to describe Nashville. I’d highly recommend
that you give us a try. But either way, best of luck
in what sounds like a tough spot. Hang in there,
you’ll get it done!

-Thanks for that David….a little encouragement
after a stressful few days of finding my previous
session was not good is very appreciated.. 🙂
I just recorded at Yamaha in Nashville and my
engineer there Ryan Nelson recommended a
scoring orch in Nashville….do you have a link?

-We would love to learn more about your project
and see if there’s a good fit with what we can
offer at HUGE Studios in Salt Lake City. We
have the lowest cost, high quality, live orchestral
recording solution in the entire United States.

-Hi, thanks for all this wonderful information. I’ve
actually recorded some very small sectionals in
SLC with Nate Drew for a couple of film scores
and album projects that I’ve done. I haven’t heard
of your group though – do you by chance have a link,
and also where I can listen to some of the work
you’ve done? Thanks so much.

-his is actually where I recorded your music before it
became Huge Sound. Great stage, and Michael is
still engineering there I believe.

-yes they did! A lot depends on how well prepared
the sheetmusic and associated click tracks are etc.,
and really difficult stuff requires more than a single
run through with almost any orchestra… how many
players are you thinking? How difficult? And are you
going to a click track? I’m just curious. But yes,
they’re excellent.

-Nashville! The guy to contact is Chris McDonald. THE BEST.

-I have recorded several times in Nashville as I believe
have Trevor Morris and Andrew Gross. The core players
are excellent, but the “bench” is not as deep as LA,
so booking early helps.

-Reach out to Vince Emmett – he can help guide you
about Nashville (he’s a composer client of mine,
based in the area – mention you were referred by me).

-Karen Garrity of CMG Music Recording in Hollywood, CA

-You will not find a better combination of musicianship,
sight-reading, and easy-going people than in Nashville.
And they work amazingly fast and efficiently.




are now at Culver City Elks

the first 
Friday of 
every month.


11160 Washington Pl.

Culver City, 90232




CalStateLA Symphony Orchestra/Olympia Youth Orchestra

You are cordially invited to the Admission FREE concert,
“Summer Romance”, given by the CalStateLA Symphony
Orchestra/Olympia Youth Orchestra on June 3, 2018 at
3PM at the
San Gabriel Mission Playhouse,
320 S Mission Drive, San Gabriel, CA 91776.

The concert will feature guest soloist, Professor Meng-Chieh
Liu of the world renowned New England Conservatory as
well as the Curtis Institute performing the 2nd Piano
Concerto by Brahms. This is a concert not to be missed.

The orchestra is made up of talented young musicians ages
12 through college age. They gain admission to the orchestra
through our annual competitive audition which is coming up in
the summer. If there are any young and talented music
students playing an orchestral instrument, please feel
free to refer them to apply. The application can be submitted
on line from the website
under the section “youth orchestra”.

Please come support these young musicians and enjoy an
afternoon of great music. If you need to have some complimentary
tickets sent to you, please reply with your mailing address and
they will be on their way ASAP.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Fung Ho
Music Director & Conductor,
CalStateLA Symphony Orchestra/Olympia Youth Orchestra




Song of the Angels will present its annual Jazz
Flute concert on Saturday, June 16, 4 PM in La
Crescenta, featuring world-renowned jazz flute
artists, Ali Ryerson, Fred Selden, David Shostac,
guitarist/composer Massimo Sammi and flautist/
composer Chicako Iverson

Selections will include pieces by Miles Davis,
Jim Repacking, and Dave Brubeck.

Audience flutists, please bring your flutes and join us our
last number, Basin Street Blues! See you there!

Tickets are on sale now at
Tickets: $20 general / $15 seniors / $5 Children

La Crescenta Presbyterian Church
2902 Montrose Avenue, La Crescenta, CA 912214

Also on the program:

The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program at the Seattle Film Institute
is now accepting applications for the one-year
Master of Music in Film Composition
One of the Top 4 Film Music Programs in the World!
Recently rated as the #4 school in the world for film
scoring education by Music School Central.
“in just one year, the school places students into a
pressure cooker of intense learning resulting in a
professional demo reel that can be used to obtain
future paid commercial opportunities.”

Learn from Industry Professionals
All PNWFS faculty are active professional film and
game composers, orchestrators, copyists, and
engineers, including the program’s creator and
lead instructor Dr. Hummie Mann.  Hummie is the
two-time Emmy Award winning film composer of
“Robin Hood: Men in Tights” and featured in
Variety Magazine’s article “Leaders in Learning”.
Our Program Features:
• 9 live recording sessions with professional
musicians at Studio X, Seattle’s premiere, world-class studio.

• Opportunities to work with student directors
to score actual films from film programs all
over the world.
• Training in all major software programs used
in the industry.
• A state-of-the-art workstation assigned to
each student fully installed with the latest versions
of all software, sample libraries and plug-ins needed to complete the program.

Accelerated and Affordable
We are a one-year Master of Music in Film
Composition program which not only gives our
graduates the opportunity to enter the industry
and start their careers a year sooner than other
programs but saves them an entire year of living
expenses. In addition to our accelerated format
we also offer the most affordable tuition out of
competing programs. Our students have access
to FAFSA financial assistance, loans, and
scholarships as well.

History of Success
We are very proud to have a high success rate
for our graduates who have gone on to work on
television shows such as Castle, Empire, and Once
Upon a Time; video games such as World of Warcraft,
Spate, and Destiny; and films such as The Revenant,
Trolls, The Dark Tower, and Guardians of the Galaxy
Vol. 2. Apply now and you could be joining their ranks!
Applications are being accepted for the Fall 2018
school year.
We offer rolling admissions – no deadline to apply.

(800) 882-4734 |






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