…Absolutely guaranteed anonymity – Former Musician’s Union officer


…The one voice of reason in a sea of insanity – Nashville ‘first call’
scoring musician

…Allows us to speak our minds without fear of reprisal – L.A. Symphonic musician

…Reporting issues the Musicians Union doesn’t dare to mention – National touring musician




So you’re at an orchestra rehearsal. How
do you spend your time before the downbeat?
Choosing the best reed? Change strings?
Put in bowings? Tune timps? Check your calendar?

Well, if you were at a recent Burbank
Philharmonic rehearsal, you had 9 minutes
before the downbeat stolen for a sales
pitch from Local 47.

The players were forced to sit and listen as
some person from the Local tried to shove
propaganda down their throat about some
new program called “Union Strong”. More
like “Union Scam.” First it was “Listen Up”,
turns out it was really “No, You Listen
(from the members)”, the majority of
events with “Union Strong” have been
to press for more studios to record union
in town or to push for tax credits to i
ncrease recording work.
The problem? It won’t help most members
and they have the gall to want you to
donate your time and effort to help
bring work back for those who ruined
the recording industry to begin with?
Fat Chance. Don’t be played for a fool.
This isn’t for you, it for those who have
the jobs already.

Acosta and the rest of them are answering
only to the RMA. Unless you’re in the club
they don’t give two blinks about you.

One player we spoke to said they might file
a grievance to get paid for those 9 minutes
the Local stole from them. We think it’s a good idea.

Speak up or get sheared. It’s as simple as that.




Every orchestra could do one IMA (Intagrated
Media Agreement) buyout per year and a lot
of work would come back.

100% pension good up front fee.

But the AFM, owned by the RMA, won’t allow it.

[EC: That’s the long and short of it.]


The following was a response to the rendering of our new 47
in the latest Overture announcing the formal open house party.

hmm   clicked on the link   there is nothing about an auditorium

the “elite” is totally in charge now and will do whatever they
want. The general membership is woefully uninformed, and
therefore uninvolved. In the last few years the only time when
the membership was informed and activated was when the
direct access blog was up on the internet. It facilitated an
online community of our professional musicians, with a
direct, real-time discussion of issues at hand, independent
of Local 47 control. Until a similar forum reappears, the
general membership will be marginalized to the point of
virtually vanishing, which is the goal of the elite –
as long as they keep sending in their dues checks.


No quorum yet again for the April GM meeting.
However, expect a quorum for the July meeting….
there is a designated group that has put together a
“strategic plan” that includes adjustments to the by-laws.

The whole thing stinks!


I see a sign that says AUDITORIUM…where is it located?
So far there isn’t one!!! Does the BOD mean to create
an inference that there is an AUDITORIUM?

The fact is that most of the membership does not use the
facility…sooo…the BOD creates the illusion that there
is an AUDITORIUM…? Of course there can’t be an
“auditorium” because the City of Burbank will only
allow a “‘ultimate-purpose” room! Q.) Is the

[Yep, we have no auditorium and the only ones the
den of compliance want to hear from are the RMA.
Rank and file need not apply.

More and more work being done fi-core and non-union.
The Local has made themselves a paper tiger and
useless to all but the in-crowd.]





are now at Culver City Elks the first 
Friday of 
every month.


11160 Washington Pl.

Culver City, 90232




On Saturday MAY 5, 2018 at noon to 1:00pm

the free admission Edendale Up Close Concerts
will feature

violinist /violist Connie Kupka and cellist David Speltz
in solo and duo works by
J.S. Bach, and

The concert takes place in the Community
Room at Edendale Branch Library (LAPL)
in Echo Park,
2011 W. Sunset Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90026.

For information call (213) 207-3000. Website:

PROGRAM (MAY 5, 2018)
From the Duo for violin and cello, op. 7 – Z. Kodaly
Mov. 1, Allegro serioso, non troppo

Suite in C major for solo cello – J.S. Bach

Duo for viola and cello with two eyeglasses obbligato – L. van Beethoven


The Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program at the Seattle Film Institute
is now accepting applications for the one-year
Master of Music in Film Composition
One of the Top 4 Film Music Programs in the World!
Recently rated as the #4 school in the world for film
scoring education by Music School Central.
“in just one year, the school places students into a
pressure cooker of intense learning resulting in a
professional demo reel that can be used to obtain
future paid commercial opportunities.”

Learn from Industry Professionals
All PNWFS faculty are active professional film and
game composers, orchestrators, copyists, and
engineers, including the program’s creator and
lead instructor Dr. Hummie Mann.  Hummie is the
two-time Emmy Award winning film composer of
“Robin Hood: Men in Tights” and featured in
Variety Magazine’s article “Leaders in Learning”.
Our Program Features:
• 9 live recording sessions with professional
musicians at Studio X, Seattle’s premiere, world-class studio.

• Opportunities to work with student directors
to score actual films from film programs all
over the world.
• Training in all major software programs used
in the industry.
• A state-of-the-art workstation assigned to
each student fully installed with the latest versions
of all software, sample libraries and plug-ins needed to complete the program.

Accelerated and Affordable
We are a one-year Master of Music in Film
Composition program which not only gives our
graduates the opportunity to enter the industry
and start their careers a year sooner than other
programs but saves them an entire year of living
expenses. In addition to our accelerated format
we also offer the most affordable tuition out of
competing programs. Our students have access
to FAFSA financial assistance, loans, and
scholarships as well.

History of Success
We are very proud to have a high success rate
for our graduates who have gone on to work on
television shows such as Castle, Empire, and Once
Upon a Time; video games such as World of Warcraft,
Spate, and Destiny; and films such as The Revenant,
Trolls, The Dark Tower, and Guardians of the Galaxy
Vol. 2. Apply now and you could be joining their ranks!
Applications are being accepted for the Fall 2018
school year.
We offer rolling admissions – no deadline to apply.

(800) 882-4734 |




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