Greetings Local 47 Colleagues!,

The reactions from the delegates here in Las Vegas has made it an informative and enlightening time at the 2007 AFM Convention! A representative of the Committee arrived last Thursday and has attended the Southern Conference, Canadian Conference and Mid-West Conference as well and other functions that have given the Committee rep a chance to take the temperature of the federation and answer any questions they may have. Getting to know some of the Federation wide representatives has been great, and we should be very proud that majority of those who take part in our Federation are people of integrity, competence and good will.

One presentation that really knocked our sock off was by Paul Sharpe, Freelance Services Director, a position created three years ago by Tom Lee’s administration. He presented an amazing, detailed plan for bringing our Federation well into the 21st Century. The biggest ovation of the presentation was for his software package, AFM QUARTET SOFTWARE, that allows Locals to in effect build their own referral service website from components, preprogrammed by the AFM and at the expense of the AFM. It enables each local through their own referral website, to access the GO PRO database, with leaving their QUARTET created Local website.

Further, the search will be localized to your jurisdiction. For example, if you’re in Chicago, your search will bring up all those in the Chicago area.

Again this is FREE to the Locals, and so far we’ve wasted over $12,000 dollars on a web designer with no contract, with our board planning to waste more.
This program, AFM QUARTET, is available for the Locals now.

All members should check out and sign up for
GOPRO TEACHERS – which allow potential students to find you from the web
GO PRO AUCTIONS – which acts like an AFM ebay or craig’s list, except you post your old equipment on the site to be viewed by other members.

We can only give you the thumbnails of this presentation because it was a very long and dense one. We’ll give you more info as we clarify it.

Needless to say, our Local should look into this option before wasting another dollar of our member dues.

The formal convention starts today, Monday at 11am. We’ll bring you updates over the next few days.

Sunday, the RMA international VP was showing delegates letters on his laptop computer that supposedly showed that Tom Lee lied. This is against Convention rules. It had something to do with the dates on the letters. The RMA officer didn’t realize or notice that there were PMG docs all over his desktop! Someone informed Tom Lee of the RMA officer’s illegal conduct. Mr. Lee came down, ordered the guests out and had the doors locked. He then handed the microphone to the International RMA VP and said in effect, “Have your say.” Afterwards, the AFM President cut him to pieces, much as he did the previous day.

Film at 11.

It was brought to our attention that this kind of disruptive conduct by the RMA has been a common occurrence at AFM Conventions.


Here are some comments that have not yet been sent to you, our readers.

These comments are those of the members themselves and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the COMMITTEE.

Firstly, the charge of anonymity has been pretty well addressed. Second, the size of the “committee” is and should be unimportant. What counts is what the committee REPORTS and how many people resonate to it. I have not to date heard any substantive response to what the committee has reported over the years, so my belief in you guys remains strong. Why should any objective observer be any different? All the rest is just spin. Trust me, if you went ahead and answered the charge of the committee being a tiny conspiracy by publishing the complete list of what must be many, many email addresses of everyone who has ever contributed to this blog, your detractors would find some other charge to make. With their side, the charges are mandatory; the facts are optional. Don’t you see? The only charge that would be worth a spit would be that what you are reporting IS NOT TRUE. As long as what you report and what you opine continues to be unassailable, and you do it professionally and courteously, your credibility will be secure. Ask Matt Drudge.

You make a great case as to why your committee should remain anonymous and then turn right around and feel it necessary to somehow respond to the assertion that it’s something which only has value if it has a huge important crowd behind it. What matters is the crowd in front of it, we readers. The American Revolution only had Thomas Paine, but thank goodness his audience resonated to his message and not to the number of messengers. The rest is history. Now Phil Ayling, Serena Kay Williams, Hal Espinosa, and the rest of Sandy’s “people” and their wannabes somehow have to make a case that the AFM is being defrauded and manipulated by a committee consisting of one lone guy in L.A., so brilliant and clairvoyant that he signed on to hold Tom Lee’s water before Hal even entered the race, and powerful enough that he could both affect Serena’s health as well as get the entire San Francisco chapter to quit the RMA as a campaign stunt. Don’t be surprised if they try to work the Kennedy assassination into it, too.


That letter is scandalous and you could justifiably sue her. Knowing you, you prob won’t. Thanks to your goodness and honesty we’re able to finally speak up without reprisals. Sorry you’ve become the target, but I guess it was inevitable.


Professiuonal Recording Musicians of Los Angeles

What is a non signatory production company?
What is a signatory production company?
What is a payroll company that makes itself a
signatory to a
non signatory production company?

Over the past twenty five years there have been many
Motion Picture sessions where payroll companies made
themselves the signatory to the AFM. The sole purpose
was to derive income from production companies that
chose not enter into a contract with the AFM.
When the payroll company makes itself the signatory to
the union whose liable for the future income
collections to the secondary market fund?
Were you aware that these type of sessions were the
liability of the payroll companies and were you
informed when you accepted the work? Legally there
wasn’t any reason to do so because the payroll company
assumed the liablity for the non signatory production
Why should this be a concern?
Because it means millions of dollars to professional
recording musicians for the life of the motion
How does a payroll company continue to keep track of
that income? Who carries the financial burden for
services to make sure those sessions are paying their
fair share to the musicians secondary markets? Does
the secondary market fund? And if the secondary market
is spending its finciancial resources to do so should
the musicians pay for that service out of thier own
pockets? Or is it the payroll companies liability to
do so?
Who is looking out for you the professional?


Dear Committee,

In response to the letter from Ms. Williams we all received, I did respond to her directly and respectfully – about her unfair and untrue remarks; probably more politely than she deserved. How ironic it was that she raise the issue of how the Committee’s actions negatively affected her health. Of course I care about her health as a compassionate human being, but the irony is that she is criticizing the Committee (or Mr. Fernandez) for being concerned about the health of the union – and this in turn affects HER health? Perhaps she is more concerned about protecting the political health of the corrupt members of our board? For someone to seek sympathy for her personal tragedies is one thing, but for her to in the same letter, viciously attack and slander a member in good standing who has only sought fairness for the entire membership is not something we can merely attribute to her being a ‘puppet’ of the board. If this attack was not of her own opinion, then she should not have signed her name to the letter. By doing so, she is standing with the rest of them. It’s too bad our board does not understand the concept of ‘representative leadership’. They are supposed to represent ALL of the members, not just those who voted for them and not just those with whom they have cozy relationships. Sadly, these are the same values we will likely see practiced if Hal is lucky enough to become AFM President. Let’s hope that our national membership has all the facts before the election!

P.S. Charles Fernandez did NOT write this letter!


Hi _________,

Thanks for posting my last diatribe. Now, here’s a good one:

I spelled it right this time. I would like to share with the rest of the union what the PMG (which is not part of the union), has in store for local #47. And to think that the Pacific Symphony Committees threats to it’s musicians, Local 7’s threats to members of Pageant of the Masters, and Local #47/RMALA’s concerns, are all directed at New Era Scoring, and the legal status of was is now called Fi-Core.
Boys & girls, here is a threat that will destroy the union forever. Please read the goals and purposes of this organization who promise fair dealing and equal opportunity for all. (Hey, that means me too!!! I’m sending ’em my hundred bucks right now! I can’t wait for my first real gig. Never mind if it’s illegal, everybody’s doing it! Besides, I want to get mine. Even if I have to abandon my freinds who don’t make the grade.)

Ignorantly Yours,


Just for the record, I think the work you do is important for keeping the union honest. (I saw Hal hand the last meeting over to Phil A. to run so I know there are problems.)
You have my continued support.

Thank you.


some kind folks have been forwarding some of your wonderful work.
can i get on the list and receive your eletters directly ?
i was in the business for thirty years in hollywood, played first for
many big composers for years and then…
saundra finished me off !! she told my leaders that she couldn’t hire
me any more !!
so, needless to say, i’m happy to read that you are totally wise to her
and her personal service organization, the RMA. (i can get a better sound
than phil a. on oboe by putting my hand over the vacuum hose)
hope to hear from you, and thanks for doing what you are doing.


Who represents the RMA today? these days currently ( May 2007)??


It has been suggested to me that Hal’s video on his site may have been recorded in the studios of Local 47. It was someone looking at the background who brought it to my attention. This would most likely be a violation of labor law because no union facilities are to be used for political purposes. I suppose he could have reimbursed the union for the cost but it would be interesting to hear him try to explain himself if this is true.

And, I was told that if you look on the last page of the PMG video game contract, it contains in small print words to the effect that this printing was done by union members or something of that nature. That is probably the same language that is on the RMA PR package regarding video games. Again, that would tie the RMA to the PMG.


I was a bit surprised to read Serena’s email attack. I had found her to be quite reasonable and helpful whenever I had dealings with her. But I am not surprised at all that Serena would be used in yet another attack against those 47 Members that are trying to make our Union work for all of us.

To be frank, I didn’t even finish reading Serena’s email.

Whatever. If this administration doesn’t begin to act in all Members’ interests we WILL be the orchestra on the Titanic.

This is some whack bovine fecal matter, period!


Please get a job and stop the letters……they are ridiculous and shows no intelligence.


Your relentless personal attacks on members and leaders of our union have gone unanswered for way too long. I applaud Serena for having the fortitude to speak up. It’s interesting to witness your reaction when finally held to account. And your role as employer sheds particular light on the motivation for your continuing efforts to undermine this local and it’s working members.



What is your name? and how many committee members do you have? Is it only one?


More news from the convention in a couple of days!

Thank you for reading!,


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