Dear Local 47 and AFM Members,

Here is why Serena’s claims about the committee are false.

The formation of the committee was a direct result of the Espinosa
administration’s actions. It had nothing to do with Tom Lee or an
election year.


-The ESPINOSA ADMINISTRATION’S doubling of the size of the
general membership meeting quorum (which shut down general
membership meetings for over two years,)

-Mr. Espinosa’s hiring of a convicted felon as “hatchet man”
General Manager of the Local.

-The subsequent wholesale purges of those employees and
crippling of services most essential to the members not primarily
involved in the recording industry,)

These were some of the reasons that the COMMITTEE was created
by a number of concerned members, not just one.


Recently the COMMITTEE emails went national, sending mailings
to AFM convention delegates urging them not to vote for the RMALA
Elite’s puppet, Hal Espinosa, for AFM President. Mr. Espinosa and
his handler’s were desperate to strike back in a big way. They
decided to use Local 47 Secretary-Treasurer Serena Williams, who
board members have told us, in their opinion, will soon be retiring,
to make an unprecedented attack on the COMMITTEE and an
individual member of Local 47.

We’ve discussed this, and have come to the conclusion that,
outside elections, this is the first time that a sitting executive
officer of an AFM Local has made such a blatant, vindictive and
personal attack on a fellow member.

When a person’s or group’s misdeeds are publicly reported, they
can either: (1) change their behavior or (2) blame the messenger.
Some of the policies of the RMALA, abetted by the slavish support
of the Espinosa administration, have created many of the industry
problems faced by members of our local. Now that we are reaping
what they have sown, they are mightily trying to shift the blame in
other directions.

How things change,…
When Ms. Williams husband unfortunately passed away she asked
the COMMITTEE to inform the membership on her behalf, since
she knew of no quicker way to get the word out. The Local had
no email blast capability at the time. We were more than happy to
oblige. It was through the COMMITTEE that the general membership
learned of Earl’s passing, her desires for where donations should
go and what, if any, service or memorial would be presented. Hardly
a negative act towards Ms. Williams.

It is only in the last six or so months that the Local has been able
to send mass emails, undoubtedly in reaction to the COMMITTEE.
When she needed us we were an ally, now that we are exposing
Hal Espinosa’s inability to lead our local, and the danger he would
represent as AFM President, suddenly we’re loose cannons. The
continuing claims of the RMALA elites and Local 47 Officers that
the COMMITTEE is only one person is ludicris considering the
scores of members who have written into the list. The RMA is fully
aware of this. Their ongoing intimidation cause most members to
remain anonymous.

If you want to make Ms. William’s letter just a bit more accurate,
change the words “Union” and “Local” to the words “Espinosa
Administration”. It is the COMMITTEE, the FMA and other concerned
members who have been fighting the Espinosa administration/
RMALA Elite attempts to shut out the members voice. It has been
our success thus far in this endeavor that has caused them to be
so angry and determined to discredit our collective.

Charles Fernandez has sent us a letter he requested we send to
the Delegates and the Local members. We are more than happy
to oblige.

Here is his letter:



AFM Delegates and Local 47 Colleagues,

If you’ve read Local 47 Secretary-Treasurer Serena K. William’s
recent personal attack on me, you have now seen firsthand exactly
how vindictive, over the top and vitriolic the Espinosa Administration
and Mr. Espinosa’s handlers can be in trying to silence or cripple
anyone who speaks up and exactly why the members of the
Committee must remain anonymous.

Why did they target me? Simple. I have been among the most
vocal and active defenders of the rank-and-file against the many
documented abuses unfortunately committed by the elitist, arrogant R
MALA/Espinosa administration. I was a logical choice.

It’s no surprise or coincidence that Serena chose to use the same
talking points as the RMALA and Mr. Espinosa in her attack, but
it’s ironic that she calls my contributions always negative. When
her husband, Earl, passed away, I not only made a contribution
to the charity of her choice on behalf of Earl, but also sent her
flowers at the Local. How soon we forget the small kindnesses
when political hay is to be made.

Ms. Williams’ attack was not sent only to the delegates, it was
also sent to the entire Local 47 email list. No doubt a blatant
attempt to affect my ability to work in Los Angeles. Unfortunately
for them, the responses I’ve personally received from Local 47
colleagues thus far has been anything but positive toward Ms.
Williams or Mr. Espinosa.

So, what actions of mine have made me enemy number one for
the Espinosa crowd, and provoked this unprecedented attack by
a sitting Local 47 Executive Officer, so close to retirement, on a
member in good standing? Here are only a couple of possible
explanations out of the numerous ones available.

When someone within the Local created an imposter email account
trying to impersonate and discredit the committee, I was the one
who committed my own resources to track down the creator of
the account. As it turns out, it was Hal Espinosa’s Local 47 credit
card and other Local resources, abused by the convicted felon
who was hired by Mr. Espinosa to be his General Manager/hatchet
man at the business offices of the Local.

With the research and assistance of others, I informed the Local’s
Executive Board that the General Manager was a convicted felon,
whose employment was thus in violation of Federal labor law.
This manager had been a nightmare to our employees, creating a
hostile work environment and relishing his power over them by
threatening them, playing games with their employment and
making them wonder from one day to the next whether they
would be the next to be fired under orders from Mr. Espinosa or
Mr. Trombetta. Upon learning and verifying that the General
Manager had a recent criminal record, and was thus ineligible for
employment at the Local, the board had no choice but to fire him
on the spot. On my next visit to the Local, the weight that had
been lifted from the employees was palpable.

During the ensuing investigation of the bogus email account,
forced by my motion made at a previous membership meeting,
the ex-General Manager said he had President Espinosa’s
authorization to create it. Mr. Espinosa denied it. But once the
identity of the account’s creator was made known, what further
action was taken against the former General Manager for this
misuse of Local resources? Nothing. No union charges were
brought against him, no fines, and no expulsion (he’s still a
member.) The possible criminal fraud charge involving the
President’s Local 47 credit card was never pursued. I chose not
to pursue charges against him for identity fraud, since his capacity
to harass our employees or possibly misuse member information
had been eliminated.

Later, at the Local election in December 06, this disgraced former
the ex-General Manager was much in evidence celebrating with
Mr. Espinosa. Obviously, no hard feelings.

In fact, in depositions for the wrongful termination action of Local
47 Referral Service business agent Errol Henry, who was fired by
the hatchet man, both President Espinosa and VP Trombetta made
it clear that, if they could, they would rehire this same felon as
general manager again. This serious lack of ethical judgment
would be a disaster at the highest levels of our national organization.

The preceding paragraphs were to give you a better idea of why
I have been singled out for this SPECIAL treatment. They are
desperate to tie any name they can to the committee, since they
have thus far been unable to.

As to the further elements of Ms. Williams’ letter, She calls me
disgruntled. That’s the wrong “d” word. Los Angeles and the
music business have been very good to me. The proper word
would not be disgruntled, but disgusted. Disgusted with the
damage the Espinosa Administration has done to this Local and
our job market by their pandering to the RMALA Elites. Not to
mention the services being gutted and employees most valuable
to the rank and file being fired. Even RMA members are starting
to see this.

As to the further elements of Ms. Williams’ letter, what was the
“attack” that supposedly damaged Ms. Williams’ health? I forced
her to follow the Local 47 bylaws and give me a copy of the annual
auditor’s report of Local 47 finances, something to which all
members are entitled by statute. It took five emails over four
weeks and threats of filing complaints to get her to obey our
bylaws and do the job for which she has drawn her salary for 22
years. Not more than three months later, she pulled the same
stunt on Lisa Haley, President of the Los Angeles chapter of the
Freelance Musicians Association. It took Lisa over a month, a
visit to the Executive Board and having to quote bylaws to them
to receive the final reports due to every member.

Anyone experienced in union politics knows you don’t survive as
long as Ms. Williams if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing
and why.

The only people I have been compelled to “attack” are those who
have worked to thwart either the benefit, or the will, of the whole
membership. Before and after gutting the Referral service with
the firing of administrator Errol Henry, they tried not once, not
twice, but three times to move the office from its proper location
mandated by lawful vote. We have had to force the Espinosa
Administration to follow its own rules.

Mr. Espinosa’s watch as our Local president has fostered the
disproportionate control enjoyed by the RMALA elites, the
creation of and non-enforcement against the illegal Professional
Musicians Guild, and the rise of potentially dangerous outfits like
New Era Scoring. Passing the buck now is not an option.

Unlike Ms. Williams, when I contemplate an Espinosa presidency
of the AFM, I hear, not sweet music, but a death knell.

I wish Ms. Williams no ill will and hope she finds contentment in
her retirement. I’m only sorry she allowed herself to be used in
this way, thus tainting her last days as our Secretary-Treasurer
and the office itself with this unprecedented attack on one
member who was and is honorably working to hold her administration
accountable. This is an unfortunate end to a distinguished career.

Charles Fernandez
Local 47 member since 1983
Emmy and Annie nominated composer



To the Delegates,
One very popular feature of our normal mailing is the member
comments section. It can be a really wild ride. Anything goes.
Members can voice any view pro or con. We only include this to
you since most of these comments reflect on things you will
discuss at the convention. Should you decide to join our regular
list, you will see member comments in almost every mailing.

The views below represent the views of the contributing member
only. They do not necessarily reflect those of the COMMITTEE.


Hi Guys,
You would think that with RMASF’s action, she/anybody would
have a clue that this goes way beyond one person.

Please forward this, without my name, (for obvious reasons) to

You just proved why the Committee NEEDS to be anonymous.
Your slanderous ranting is just an embarrassment to the concept
of free and open dialogue in what is suppose to be a Democratic
society, Not to mention your ridiculous health claims regarding
the committee. That you would also open the union up to lawsuits
with these rants, unbelievable!
All of this shows you to be incompetent to hold the office you have.
Please spare the local further embarrassment by resigning TODAY.
Not a member but a supporter of the Committee’s Right to speak up.
And for the record I do get those “July Checks” the committee talks

Nowadays, believing in the right to speak up is considered to be
whacko, far left, liberal thinking.
I remember when believing that meant you were an American.


Dear Committee, I just received this E-mail and this has some
serious allegations all over this message. See for yourselves. It
makes me want to puke.


Serena’s note to the membership fails to address any of the
substantive issues that some of us have raised. It illustrates,
more than anything else, that she should — with all due respect
— resign, since she (and the administration she defends) is not
up to the task of reform. And I am certainly not an advocate for
Tom Lee or union leadership on any level. I look forward to the
day when Tom Lee and Hal Espinosa are both unemployed.

Rick Blanc
(please attach name as always)


You’ve been outed! You’re not just gonna sit there & take it are

I didn’t realize Serena could get down & dirty like that!
(Last comment deleted as inappropriate.)



“Qoute from a previous COMMITTEE e-mail…
We have known for quite some time that our own RMA business
practices and greed have hurt the country as well as destroyed
much of the recording work here, but now we have proof that
their practices have affected jobs far outside our geographic area.
And Hal has let them exist unrestrained in their actions to the
detriment of us all.”

(member comment)
So please from your own wording, when do we impeach the
“HALS” and the “Phil Aylings”, that keep us non-RMA guys an
arms distance away from work. I was even a member for two
years and I was still an arms length away!

How do I get a list of the RMA guys so when my projects start
later this year I make sure not to hire them! It’s so sad that these
acquaintances and heroes that I grew up with make you want
find another way to make a living…A more MUSICAL WAY.


“In pursuing our primary goat” ?


Wow. Concrete evidence the that RMA stands for both Reaming
Musicians Annually, and Ruining Major Advantage. And Now This:


Hi ______ ,

A contractor for Skywalker Ranch has worked out a buy out
deal for video games.
You probably already know this, but I thought I would share. I
have also heard rumors of #47 is ‘losing and mis-placing contracts’
on a regular basis. In addition, some union members are being
threatened with a letter from PSO, from the orchestra committee,
and letters to players for Padgent of the Masters from local 7.
They are aware that some musicians are considering the so called
‘fi-core’ status. I realize that’s a dirty word in union lingo, however
I believe it is illegal to engage in such tactics. It’s called ‘black
balling’. I have been back in LA not only a month. I can’t believe
the leaders of our own union would turn against it’s own members
like that. I can’t believe that it’s own members would turn against
each other like that. If this keeps up, we might as well be the
orchestra on the Titanic.

Ignorantly Yours,


Amazingly, I can’t find any info about the AFM Convention at
If it’s there, it’s well hidden.
I expected it to be in your face when one opens their home site…



You and Tom can stick it. Take me off your mailing list. Your and
Tom’s demented effort to punish the recording community is
ignorant and destructive. You are and will continue to lose traction
as more and more people see through you. Ultimately you and
your patron will have to find other ways to fill your days. Great
musicians will work.


Final word from the COMMITTEE
AFM Colleagues and Delegates,

It should be more clear than ever that our Federation cannot allow
such a vindictive and petty crew to take over our Federation.
Neither Hal Espinosa, nor Vince Trombetta, nor their patrons, the
RMALA Elites, deserve any consideration whatsoever for a voice in
our AFM infrastructure.

Thank you for reading!


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