Please make sure you tell all your fellow Local 47 members about
Monday’s meeting. We must defeat all three Resolutions and fill
the two vacant Election Board positions with members who are
independent of ANY special interest group!




Dear FMA Members:

Please give this a quick read – this is the “Nutshell Facts” version –
not “editorial.” If you only read one article about the upcoming
Mon, April 23 ’07 Local #47 General Meeting meeting, this should
be it!

After reading this, tell me: does anyone think we have an
incentive to get ourselves posthaste to the Mon, April 23 ’07
meeting? We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it this time! We ARE
the majority – but only if every one of us is there!!

There will be some questions brought to light that you truly won’t
want to miss 🙂

Please come at 5:30pm and have a great dinner – let’s jam the
parking lot! I will cancel a show to be there! Anybody need a
ride? Plane fare? Wheelchair?

Please, don’t assume “someone else will go” – the difference is you.
Lisa Haley

1.) Here below is the text of the §XVII-4 Bylaw Amendment, passed
by Local #47 membership at the General Meeting on April 24, 2006
(Vote: Yes: 133 (2 spoiled ballots), No: 29.) I have emphasized
three statements in CAPS.

2.) Followed by that are the current “Resolution 2” arguments,
trying to REVERSE the §XVII-4 Bylaw Amendment.
As you will see, THEY ARE A TOTAL LIE.

And you will understand why we ALL need to be at this meeting

We also need to DEFEAT RESOLUTION 1″which would raise
quorum to 170, so we’d never have a meeting again.)


Actual §XVII-4 Bylaw Amendment text from April 24, 2006:
(Submitted by David Schubach, Lisa Haley, and Charles Fernandez)

Section 4. Lack of Quorum:

Resolved that §XVII-4 of the Bylaws be amended as follows:

Lack of Quorum: If there is no quorum for the General Meeting
at which a Resolution to amend the Bylaws is scheduled for

the presiding officer shall immediately call to order an open
Executive Board meeting,

with THE BOARD appointing Director(s) pro tem as needed to
make a quorum.

At that open meeting all members present – including all officers
other than the one presiding – shall have the right to debate

(subject to a reasonable and uniformly enforced time limit) or to
present Incidental and Privileged Motions, BUT NOT TO VOTE.

After full and fair discussion of the Resolution, THE BOARD shall
act immediately upon the Resolution – unless the Resolution
affects dues (including Work Dues), fees, or assessments – with a
two-thirds vote required for enactment.


2.) Below are the arguments in favor of Resolution 2. Here is why
they are incorrect:
Their claims first in “quotations,” followed by the actual text, and
my comments IN BRACKETS []:

Their claims: “…Bylaws currently give a tiny unelected group the
ability to force changes to our Bylaws .”

[The fact: the Executive Board is famous for leaving the building
the second “no quorum” is declared. This Amendment gives them
the incentive to stay and hear what members (some of whom
came from long distances) have to say. If they don’t, the remaining
EB members must pick only enough members to constitute EB
quorum. They are under no obligation to pick hostile members.
They will not want to have to pick anyone, so they will stay.

Do you see anything saying that MEMBERS can vote on anything
at this open Board meeting? No. Only Board members.

This current §XVII-4 Amendment allows us to have a voice, and
be present as the Executive Board votes (instead of having to
drag ourselves back to the Local on Tuesday morning when the E
B is in session) – so that everyone can see who votes for or
against the rank-and-file. That is its purpose.]

Their claims: “… pressure for or against changes to the structure
and finance of our Local” The text: the Board shall act immediately
unless the matter affects dues (including Work Dues), fees, or
[The fact: Financial changes are specifically prohibited!]

Their claims: “Executive Board must act and vote, even if the
majority of the Board seats are filled by unelected appointees”
The text: the Board shall act immediately upon the Resolution
[The fact: The Executive Board would be voting on this matter
anyway the next morning, at their regular EB meeting.
Very recently, members have come to the Tuesday meeting to be
heard, only to be left outside because the EB was in “closed
Executive session.”
The Open Meeting is only to insure that our voice is heard –
and that we get to see how they vote!]

– Whoever wrote Resolution 2 might have simply communicated,
asking for a clarification of the existing Amendment.
Instead, they’ve jumped to numerous false conclusions, and put
this unnecessary and damaging Resolution on the agenda.

– The same authors put Resolution 1 on the agenda, hoping to
raise Quorum to 170, insuring we’ll never have another General
Meeting, and the Executive Board can continue to vote as they
please in favor of the agenda of one special interest group: firing
valuable employees, closing services down, and making our
Union unattractive to anyone but that special interest group.

You be the judge.

Lisa Haley


II. PTSA needs scholarship judges this Saturday

From Mike Rotman

The 31st District PTSA is holding scholarship auditions
this Saturday at Chatsworth High School. They have set
of $350.00 scholarship to promising young musicians for
lessons. It’s a good cause, some of my students have
received the scholarship in the past.
They are desperate for judges in percussion and brass.
The hours are 8:30 AM til you finish, usually about noon.

If interested please contact Mike Rotman immediately
at [email protected]

Mike Rotman


Message to the Membership of Local 47

For the 98% us that the 2% openly refer to as HOBBYISTS and NOT
relevant to be included in the “THE MUSIC BUSINESS”, this next
membership meeting is not about the issue of who does what or
who should be considered worthy…..HELLO!!! We are All Professional
Musicians. The 2% have thrown down the gauntlet, called out
the troops, and made this meeting about entirely eliminating the
input of the 98% and there is a good chance it will happen if WE
don’t show up.

This meeting is about US. Be there or be UNREPRESENTED. Don’t allow
the manipulated leadership to get away with diminishing and
eliminating the services we pay for! Some of us have not availed
ourselves of these services- recording studio, referral service, CD
sales,etc.- but that does not mean that we should not fight for
them. These services are a resource that brings our employers
and public to us and promotes our contribution.

The 2% are having their own issues with runaway productions.
Don’t allow the minority (however big dollar) to take your
representation away. If you do, you can stand on the street with
your case open and collect quarters.

Member Local 47 (23 years)


Dear Committee,
The blame game currently being played out amongst musicians is
like survivors of a storm at sea fighting for a place on a sinking
life-raft after the ship has already gone down. The fact is that we
are experiencing a sea-change in the way music is produced,
promoted and marketed. Those musicians will survive who can
adapt successfully to the new electronic media. Those who don’t,
won’t or can’t will go the way of the buffalo. There is one thing
that remains constant, and that is that people still love music
and will continue to make it an integral part of their lives. How
we are able to approach our audiences through new media will
determine the future success or failure of the union and its


In response to the ‘RMA’ topic:

Funny and maybe a bit naive of me, but I thought all I needed to
do to be eligible for the ‘good’ recording work was to join the
‘AFM’. Now I realize, albeit a little late, that I should have joined
a different organization, the ‘RMA’. Now I wonder why, if the AFM
is supposed to represent all of its members equally, that we need
another organization as a subset of the first?


Dear Other Side of The Coin Guy,

Hi. My name is Rick Blanc. I have a name and a face. I’ve worked
all over Europe and the United States. I know how the business
works. I also understand a lot about history, politics, law, unions,
corruption and economics (not to mention punctuation and form in writing).

Your letter to the Committee contains considerable emotion.,
and I don’t question your motivation. I do have to question your
conclusions which are naive, in my opinion You sound like a
younger person still “illusioned” in many ways. That is not a bad
thing; time has a way of adjusting thinking to make it more
consistent with reality–if you are smart.

While I don’t doubt you believe what you say, I respectfully suggest
that you are misguided–unless you are a Marxist, in which case
you make a more theological argument. The United States has
chosen a republican form of government and entrepreneurial
capitalism–which inures to the benefit of the consumer–even
while allowing unions and other institutions to interfere, within
legal parameters, in the marketplace.

Have you ever taken a course in economics? Have you read Marx?
Have you read the U.S. Constitution? Do you know anything about
institutional corruption, tyranny, history? Do you believe that as
an American citizen you enjoy certain freedoms, e.g. to enter into
contracts of your choosing?

Do you really believe The Committee has the power to devalue the music

I suggest there is no way to understand what is going on here
without some cursory knowledge of some of the things I’ve
mentioned, and I would put my knowledge on these subjects up
against yours any day. Not that I’m an expert, but over the years
I’ve learned both the easy way and the hard way, and I did my

Rick Blanc


Dear COMMITTEE———OK- I have really stood my ground
with keeping an open mind about these newsletters- and
advocating your openess to challenge the “status quo”, but why
on earth is ONE/ or a small group of men/women calling
himself/herself a committee, and attack ANY of his/her
colleagues? (especially ones whom you have no working
relationship with.) I do hope you/he/she receives enough
attention for his/her misguided adventures. Geeeeeeeeeeesh.
The best way to success is HARD WORK, TENACITY, and RESPECT,
along with patience, humility, and kindness for ALL of your
brothers and sisters, no matter what their beliefs are. Within the
lands of freedom of speech—–I support your freedom to say
anything you like, but, please- try to get to know the people you
are lashing out at- they might actually be some of your FEW
supporters, for what it is worth. I moved here to Los Angeles with
NO connections, only dreams. I still have them. One dream
includes becoming a better musician, and human being everyday.
I humbly suggest that all of the other minutia of life pales in
comparision……….. and probably not one of those elite people
you attack, but many of them are my friends- and there ARE
many humanitarian, and just people among them- whom happen
to play MUSIC very well. It is not out of line to challenge, and
debate. I am a strong advocate for thought- but let’s work
TOGETHER- united- and create opportunites for better music in
this city……………….NOT ANGUISH. Do you really find that
drawing your conclusions are doing good for ALL, or only
yourselve(s).? Good evening to you! It is far better to work with,
rather than AGAINST your fellow musicians- ALL OF THEM, even
if you or I don’t work with each other on a given daily basis. I
have no time to smear and slander my fellow musicians. Anyone
with whom I communicate/ perform with regularly, seems to
follow similar beliefs. If you took the time to get to know many
of the other performers/writers/ production team specialists in
town, I am sure you would make friends among them. Just try it-
you might be in for a PLEASANT surprise. Please- consider
posting my response, and feel free to attach my name to the
comments I have made to you (and perhaps consider the higher
road.) Instead of attacks, maybe it would be better to voice your
items of agenda, how your innovative ideas will broaden the
workforce, and create a stronger sense of unity, NOT DIVISION.




This is all well and good, yet not a single answer has come
regarding my complaint concerning AFof M, Local #47 members
acting as contractors and regularly employing NON-UNION
MUSICIANS in the Palm Springs, CA area. Come on boys. Let’s
address a problem other than the RMA for a change.

Dave Belknap

[Mr. Belknap, We recommend you send your notice to the Local
47 officers. They certainly see these mailings, but more direct
contact might getting a quicker response. You can reach the
executive officers at: [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected].]



Please do not forget Monday’s meeting, 7 pm at the Local. As
much as it pains us to say it, Monday’s meeting has comes down
to elements of the RMALA elite and elements of the Espinosa
administration against the rest of the membership. A 100
member quorum led to over two years of no meetings. A
quorum of 170 might shut down the members voice for good. A
voice is easy to lose, but hard to get back.



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