Greetings Local 47 Colleagues,

The upcoming general membership meeting on April 23rd will be the most important meeting since we, the rank and file, lowered the quorum to 50. Gary Lasley from the Espinosa Slate (and currently standing in for Serena as Secretary), along with Marc Sazer, vice president of the RMA, have submitted resolutions to nullify every advance the membership has made to protect their voice. You can check them out in your current Overture.

A year ago it took an extraordinary effort and unprecedented turn-out of members at a regular membership meeting to undo the impossibly high (100) quorum number that had lead to not having membership meeting for over two years! Now Sazer and Lasley want to raise the quorum number not to 100, but to an outrageous 170! If this would happen it again would assure a virtual lockout of membership input at the Local.

We must make yet again another extraordinary effort to safeguard the progress that has been made for the membership in the past year. Your attendance at the April 23rd meeting is critical! You have to be there to vote!

Gary Lasley and Marc Sazer also want to remove the requirement of the board to open a board meeting on the spot if there is no quorum so the members can have their voice.

There has not been such a blatant and vindictive attack on the non-elite membership of this Local since the board engineered the firings of Barbara Markay and Errol Henry. We can only stop them with YOUR HELP!

Please plan now to attend this meeting. Call the members of the board and ask if they support the raising of the quorum and the continued efforts to shut down our voice, Let us know what they say.

We’ll have more on this closer to the meeting, but you need to make plans now to attend this vital meeting. Tell your colleagues to come to the meeting and help prevent this assault on our rights from succeeding.


Two very important items:

– We must ALL attend this crucial General Meeting!

FOOD & DRINK, including Cajun food!
– will be served at 5:30PM sharp in the main auditorium. Please come early to get a parking place, and come hungry.

Please add it to your calendar NOW!

– Motions to be presented at this April 23 meeting include a request by RMA officer Marc Sazer to raise the #47 Quorum (what, again?) to 170 members.

Since about 120 RMA members generally turn out, and over 120 FMA members turn out if we ALL PUSH IT, WE NEED YOU, YES YOU! EVERY ONE OF US!! APRIL 23!
We MUST preserve our voice!

– There will be at least two other Motions to vote on, VERY favorable to the FMA, plus
– discussion of the new illegal “Guild” being formed by RMA members.
– We NEED everyone to vote on these!! Please come to the meeting!

In the past, those opposed to FMA victories have tried such tacky tactics as:
– filling the Local #47 parking lot with attendees of other events, so that #47 members had to walk blocks to attend.
– cutting off the count for Quorum minutes after the 7pm meeting time, despite a driving rainstorm.
– expect yet another trick! and come early – share a meal together!!


2.) We are happy to announce that our SELA problems have been favorably resolved

A huge THANK YOU to Local #47 Attorney Lewis Levy, Tom Lee, and the AFM for all their hard work in getting this done so quickly.

SELA will now be tied to the T-2 Contract (as opposed to the LAOLA contract.) All previously submitted SELAs, Pension and H&W payments remain in effect.
Please visit and download the new SELA Pre-Authorization Form (word doc) , and the slightly revised Traveling Engagement Contract (T2).

The SELA itself and the Additional Conditions have no changes (as yet.)

We are also working on terms to allow wider use of the SELA in other disciplines. We’ll keep you posted.
Remember: it’s OUR Union!! WE are taking it back!!

Lisa Haley



Local 47 Colleagues,

We recently received a letter from Nancy Lawrence informing us that we were mistaken when we reported that she quit her job at the Local. She became Amie Moore’s assistant and at no time left the Local’s employ. We’re delighted she felt comfortable enough to write and set the record straight.

Our information on this aspect of the Referral service story was obviously in error and we apoligise to Nancy for that error. We do, however stand by our statements concerning the faltering and newbies (to running a referral service) of the referral office since the firing of Errol Henry. The reduced performance of the referral service speaks for itself.

Here is Nancy’s letter in its entirety:

Dear Fellow Members:

Recently there has been some confusion as to my employment status here at Local 47 and I would like to clear up any rumors or misconceptions that may exist. I am, in fact, still an employee of Local 47. I have not quit, nor do I have any intention of quitting. The information in regard to my employment status in your previous Committee for a More Responsible Local 47 e-mails is false.

In March 2006 I accepted my current position as assistant to Amie Moore in the Member Services Department. The Member Services Department encompasses the CD Sales/Radio Airplay Program, The Referral Service, Rehearsal Room and Facility Rentals, Studio 47 and Video 47. Amie Moore took over the Referral Service last year and I have always been her assistant. I was working in the large office in the lobby due to member mandates that required that the Referral Service be kept in that location.

Since I began my position in this department, I have been aware of the Committee for a More Responsible Local 47. I am a proud member of Local 47, and I was somehow put on your mailing list. My fellow employees and I have been referred to (indirectly at times) as inexperienced, unqualified phone-babysitters a few times over the past year in your e-mails. Needless to say, this has not been great for moral in our department. I have remained and continued my work because I believe in Local 47.

I began working here in January 2005 as the receptionist after graduating from college with a degree in music. I was very excited to be in a place whose sole purpose was assisting and protecting my fellow musicians. I was promoted through hard work and determination, and my enthusiasm has never wavered. I am proud to be an employee and a member of our Local, and I have done everything in my ability to be a positive addition to this organization.

I have never responded to your e-mails before, even though I have read statements in them before that, in my opinion as an employee, appear to be wild misrepresentations of the truth. Since your last e-mails were sent, I have had co-workers and members alike ask me when I am leaving and why I decided to quit. Creating the perception that I have quit my job is harmful to me and to my career. Please verify your facts before you send out any information about me or my status at Local 47 next time. I appreciate the fact that you seem to include every e-mail that you receive in your newsletters, even if the author’s viewpoints differ from yours. I hope that you include this so that I may clear up any misconceptions about my employment status.

In Solidarity,
Nancy Lawrence
Member and Local 47 Member Services Assistant



Hi Everyone,
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The Rotary Club of Hollywood Foundation invites all young musicians to participate in this yearly competition.

4 outstanding instrumentalists will be eligible for cash prizes.

Herschel Gilbert Music Award
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The Auditions will be held on Sunday March 25th, 2007
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Award winners will be asked to perform one piece and need to be present in order to receive their prizes.

Invited applicants will be asked to perform 2 musical selections (not to exceed 5 minutes) with or without accompanist. A minimum of 3 years musical training is required.

All orchestral instruments, including voice are welcome to apply.
Age limit is 18 and the applicant must be a resident within Los Angeles County.

The applicants have to provide their own accompanist if necessary.

Previous RC Hollywood Music Awards winners are ineligible.

Interested students should fill out the application form at and email/mail it to:

Rotary Club of Hollywood
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Deadline for submissions (received) is March 22, 2007


The GUILD is a alternate group to the AFM –
the key instrument section leaders in the top recording circles
along with the recording 100 elite are forming this so when the AFM implodes on itself
the GUILD will take over and be the group able to negotiate the TV and FILM contract – which is the only area of work they care about – forget about the rest of the able members under them doing lower budget sessions, jingles, live work, etc



It’s not just for video games – it is for when the AFM goes bust that the GUILD – 800 members strong – takes over contract negotiations rights


Do we really need another guild? Why not one that functions as if they care about the members?
Attempts made to have David Schubach left out of the delegates position is an

I will write and call today.

Al (Rubicava),

I saw your comments in the commrep email….and I understand your frustration….

However, if they hire Barbara and Errol back…it would resolve a lot of issues…
We have always been friends Al (Rubicava)..and you have always been so good to me.. Thank you so much for that –

but you have not been at the meetings to see how they are treating us and what they are doing!

I will, of course, continue to come to you if I have a problem…but nobody can replace Barbara’s knowledge of the cd business nor Errol’s efficiency in the network office!

When we get our services back we will all be a lot happier. At this time there is not much reason for a live performer to be in Local 47…I am only staying in to back the other players. I have a health plan from Local 7 and I belong to Local 353 also…it seems like we are working for the union and union not working for us! I really wonder where my work dues are going and what is the point of having been so loyal all these years with reporting all of my gigs! where is the payoff??

So, yes! I am one of the complainers! They took the best services away from the live performers that we have ever had at that union!

I cant imagine what Errol or Barbara could have done to be fired that could not have been worked out with some healthy communication! They are both so amazing at what they do!,.. and the hiring of a GM, that’s another conversation that I do not want to put in an email!!!!

Thanks Al, for letting me vent!


(Concerning the Guild)
Why not notify the national union representatives?


“The Magic 150” Yea Yea Yea, I was close to that one fifty once. I joined for year and all it did was piss me off even more. I’ve been a member since 1969. I saw this day coming. I say ban the RMA!

I am more than qualified and yes there’s not enough for me either!


I wouldn’t give them a nickel of my hard earned non-recording money.



So did I read correctly in the latest ‘overture’ – that we have to once
again vote on the freakin’ quorum size? Once again the union wastes my


Have no info to share re: creation of a separate guild
by the RMA. However, concerned Com Resp 47 people
should be vigilant as to any effort by the RMA to
restore the quorum # from 50 back to 100! All need to
keep an ear to the rail.

(Editor’s note: How right this member was!)

I appreciate these emails. Keep ’em coming. I recently responded to the union’s inquiry about the airline’s policy toward we musician’s bringing our instruments aboard. This issue is vital to me. It was a GREAT letter. I have received no reply. I think because I hit the nail on the head that our weak, though necessary, union should have solved this problem ages ago… as said in it, I KNOW “SAG” would have done. SAG: a much different type of union, yes.
I joined the AFM originally for occasional TV appearances and working for a few film composers here and there. My opinion is that the AFM lobby provides a standard of pay for union gigs and a very small monthly check should I live long enough to ever receive one… Ha! …. NOTHING else. Over the years I have never received any job or helpful correspondence from our AFM Union, Local 47. Nonetheless, I have always gladly paid the dues owed to them. I don’t expect more from it either, but I do wonder what the heck goes on over there.
So be it, it is a good thing to have a union…. or…. it could be, I believe. Unfortunately I will be on a tour for the April union meeting. I will encourage others to attend.

Thanks again!


Great job guys!

You guys are my heroes.

I will be out of town until Ap 3.

When is this meeting of which you speak?


A couple of years ago, I contacted #47 AND A.F. of M. headquarters in New York and requested my “life membership status”. I was stonewalled. Even though I have maintained an uninterrupted membership since 1957 and am well past 65 years of age, I was informed that the fact that my membership was spread over Locals #107 (no longer in existence), #118 and #47, disqualified me for “life status”. Uninterrupted membership is uninterrupted membership, no matter how many locals are involved. This rule needs to be changed. The locals do precious little for those of us who are outside of the elite circles. This change would reach thousands of loyal members. As things stand now, our/my loyalty stands for very little.

The International continues to stage the yearly convention in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is famous for (since the strike) using “canned music” in many of the shows at the hotels and casinos. Why does the International continue to patronize a city which largely utilizes “canned” music?


Dear Concerned,
Nice to hear about your making a difference in regards to the latest down at local 47;

Thank you for being aware, keeping us informed and taking the time to care about what happens in the future.

P.S. Though not directly music related, seems like our environment might need a little extra care;
Al Gore is heading to Washington this month, and he wants to deliver millions of signatures to show Congress that the people want change regarding global warming. Simply sign this card:
It’s an easy way to help our beautiful Mother Earth.


re: election update. In order to support the integrity of our voting system, the person receiving the most votes must be chosen.

Straying away from this will permanently damage our democratic voting principles and undermine the confidence of our members–not a good thing.

Care2 make the world greener!
Stop the Forest Service from killing more wolves, bears, cougars, and other animals in the wild: Free e-mail. 100MB storage. Helps nonprofits.


(From a previous email…)
Anyone who’s lived in
this city for long knows that if you dare to speak truth to power here you will find attempts made to blackball or shut out those who speak up.”

THIS COULD NOT BE SAID MORE ELOQUENTLY AND ACCURATELY by the COMMITTEE! I am an experienced and seasoned professional who knows all too well about being “blackballed” and “shut out” by the music industry/union/federation.


So WHO are you?
Who exactly makes up this COMMITTEE FOR A MORE RESPONSIBLE LOCAL 47??
Interesting that no real names ever sign these emails.

And HOW do you get access to the Local 47 email lists? I never opted-in to getting these emails… isn’t that legally email SPAM??

My motto? Trust no one…

(Editor’s note: It is only considered spam if there is no option to remove yourself from the mailings, every mailing included a remove option. Also, every dues paying member is entitled to other members emails, you’re paying for the privilege, you receive a membership directory.)


Until Next Time,


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