We recently received this email from quite a distinguished
colleague in our business and we would like to answer it here.


Can you verify this for me? I understand (from a pretty reliable
source) that Pete Anthony (RMALA President) recently went to
London to conduct a score for James Newton Howard. Is this a
truth? If so, why hasn’t anyone said anything about this here?


It is true.

The film was “The Waterhorse: Legend of the Deep”. It was a
score by James Newton Howard. Pete Anthony, the current RMALA
President did in fact conduct the sessions at Abbey Road in
London. He, as well as many other A listers, were listed as
orchestrators as well.

If you’d like to see video of the Abbey Road sessions with Mr.
Anthony on the Podium, please go to this site.

According to the “Fines” release last year:

AFM Bylaws: Article 15, Section 3 provides:
3(a) No AFM member may perform services (whether as composer,
arranger, copyist, proofreader, instrumentalist, leader, contractor,
cutter, editor, or in any other capacity):
(1) where the product of the services is intended to result in, or
be embodied in, recorded music made outside of the United
States and Canada and the possessions of either; or
(2) for the purpose of producing, editing, or dubbing recorded
music except where expressly authorized and covered by a
contract with the AFM or when expressly authorized by the AFM.
3(b) Any member violating Section 3(a) shall be subject to a fine
not exceeding $50,000 and/or expulsion.

Obviously, there is no exception for London, or anywhere else for
that matter. If it’s not AFM, it’s not AFM, end of story.


Mr. Anthony is by no means alone in this process, even the highest
of A listers have been heard telling composer friends, “Sure I’ll
come to your house, no problem, Pay me what you can.” Dark
dates go on in LA everyday.

Though he was not RMALA President at the time of the Abbey Road
sessions, he has been the highest profile conductor of high end films in
Hollywood for years and Sandy’s Decrescent’s number one choice..
NOW he is the President of the RMALA, (Recording Musicians
Association of Los Angeles) the very group that has for years most
vehemently trotted out terms like traitor, scum or scab when referring
to musicians who, for one reason or another, do non-AFM work,
choose to go Core Status because Local 47 is useless to them, or
work any session outside of Los Angeles that isn’t AFM.

Mr. Anthony is no less guilty than any “Scab” according to the
bylaws, but no-one in the RMA has raised a question or a
complaint, much less an eyebrow. Now that’s hypocrisy.


Where has our Local 47 President, Executive Officers and Board
members been on this subject? As you might guess,.. silent as
lambs. Something to do with biting the hand that feeds them.
After all, you can’t expect them to hold the RMA to the same
standards they hold the non-recording members to, can you?
Yes, you can. If they’re honest.

Where is our Hearing/Trial board on this? Why have they not filed
charges against Mr. Anthony?


The Board of Local 47 was elected to serve the entire membership
of our Local and hold everyone equally responsible (and accountable)
for their actions, AND, by the way, uphold the AFM Bylaws.

We simply will not get action from our Local 47 Administration,
the cronyism is too ingrained.

We can tell the RMA elites and our Local 47 Officers this:
As long as you stay silent on the RMA President doing scab work
in London, We expect you to sit on your hands when others go to
Seattle, San Francisco, Prague, Bratislava, Barcelona, Mexico,
Sydney, Perth, or any other location to record. To do otherwise
shows you to be intellectual frauds and hypocrites.


If you’re thinking of blaming AFM President Tom Lee for the lack
of enforcement, don’t. Charges of this type are filed at the Local
level. As long as the RMA has undue influence over our Officers,
they will not be held accountable.

If you want to blame AFM President for the mere existence of this
fine, you need to hear the story of how it came to be, and, naturally,
the story includes the letters R.M.A.
That, however, is a story for another day.


Easy,… work is leaving.

Do you remember wondering why the last 30 minutes of the score was
for the most part “When Johnnie Comes Marching Home?” At the time
most of the big work was still here, so when after the first couple of
days the sessions were moved to Seattle, all but one of the orchestrators
said they wouldn’t work on it.

Today, with a great deal of that highest end work gone, such ‘loyalty’
is rare.


Composing is not an AFM-regulated craft, plain and simple. The
AFM has no right to fine a composer for composing anywhere.
Orchestration is an AFM-regulated craft and they are technically
in violation, but orchestrators have to go where the work is
(When it’s no longer here.) and have no control over where their
client must go to record.

Having the cajones to go to London and conduct while you’re
president of the Recording Musicians Association is another
matter entirely. It is a slap in the face to the very members he’s
supposed to be representing, and a thumbing of his nose to the

It can be argued that once a composer makes a certain amount
of money they can pick and choose, but most composers want
to work, period. Given the choice, most American composers
would work under an AFM contract, but that is not up to them,
it up to the production company, and it is also not the work
climate we live in now.

As the business has become more de-centralized, so too has the


There are two options for this situation
1) Enforce it, equally and consistently (that includes Seattle,
London, Prague, etc.) or
2) Rescind the fine threat.

We all know the dark dates will continue and we’re certainly not
going to stop the work from going elsewhere. How many members
has our Federation lost through fear of this fine?

Simply ignoring the problem is pointless.
Let’s solve it.



We’ve received word of the passing of consummate composer
Leonard Rosenman and consummate musician, composer,
arranger and teacher Ron Gorow.



Leonard Rosenman has passed away at the age of 83. He passed
away from a heart attack early Tuesday March 4th at the Motion
Picture and Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland
Hills, CA.

Among the over 100 films he scored over his career of 53 years
in film are: Sylvia, The Wall, Murder in Texas, Making Love,
Prophesy, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, East of Eden, Rebel
Without A Cause, First Steps, Battle for the Planet of the Apes,
Fantastic Voyage and a Man Called Horse.

He won Academy Awards for BARRY LYNDON and BOUND FOR

He is survived by his wife, Judie Gregg Rosenman; three children
and four grandchildren. A memorial service is being planned.
The family has suggested donations to the Association for
Frontotemporal Dementias ( or the Motion
Picture & Television Country House and Hospital.


RON GOROW 1939-2008

RON GOROW had a varied musical career in Los Angeles for the
last fifty years. From Jazz trumpeter, to takedown artist, to music
copyright clearance specialist, to Arranger for the Carpenters
throughout their career, as well as composing for television and
film. In all these areas he always strove for and achieved the
highest standards.

Most recently he published his grand opus, “Hearing and Writing
Music: Professional Training for Today’s Musician” which is now
in it’s second printing.

He is survived by his wife, Judy Kerr, as well as a son, a daughter,
three stepdaughters and eleven grandchildren.

He will be dearly missed by all those who knew and cherished



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Announcing a new opportunity to improve your conducting ability:
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Info and Registration:

Course Description:
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that you will need in order to take control of your scoring session
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large orchestras.

Topics covered will include workable beat patterns and cuing
within them, developing left/right arm independence, how to say
with gestures what wastes time to say with words, ways you can
control your ensemble (and not vice-versa!), sight conducting,
podium psychology and session strategy.

The day will include participants conducting a live pianist,
accurately reflecting the conductor’s gestures for maximum
educational experience.

This seminar may not make you a phenomenal conductor, but it
certainly will make you a more effective one.

Info and Registration:


•SATURDAY 3/22/08•


Local 47 Board member Bonnie Janofsky, Jeaanie Poole, Deon
Price and Adrienne Albert are among the composers to be
featured at a concert celebrating 75 years of the National
Association of Composers (NACUSA).

This concert will be performed by the
On March 22nd at the
Torrance Civic Center’s Armstrong Theater
3330 Civic Center Dr N
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 781-7150

There will be a composer’s panel at 6:30 pm with the concert
to follow at 7pm.

For more information contact Jennifer at [email protected]
They expect a sellout crowd so contact her very soon.
No tickets will be sold at the box office.


Mike Vaccaro and Bill Stevens have sent us info about their
company that features clarinet barrels and bells.



Mike Vaccaro
562.424.4958 Phone
562.424.2512 Fax



Live completely alone for four days, without food, in complete
silence without much movement. Sleep as little as necessary.
Think as little as possible. After four days, late at night, play
Single sounds using only your intuition. Close your eyes,
just listen.



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freedom of expression allows for the birth and ascendancey of the
most beneficial ideas, all sentiments expressed are welcome, subject
to the bounds of good taste and decorum. If you disagree with an
opinion expressed by any contributor, we encourage you to rebut it here.



Thank you again for a very informative email. I’m not
at all surprised to hear about RMALA’s latest “bovine
feces”. My question would be since there’s so much
rancor and unfairness in 47’s current state of
affairs, why hasn’t some sort of State/Federal
Investigation of our big mess been called for?
Complaints are good, but it seems unless some drastic
action is taken very soon nothing’s going to change.
Oops, my bad! 47’s situation WILL change, for the
(even) worse!

As far as the Referral site is concerned, that horse
may have left the barn already. There are now several
sites that have posted ads on Craig’s List
(,, etc.) where any
musician can EASILY AND QUICKLY add a profile and
upload music .jpegs and video files. I wasn’t able to
attend the meeting, but I did email them saying the
issue isn’t the “expandability” of the Referral site,
its the BASIC DESIGN of the site that’s very old and
sorely lacking. And, unless there are plans to at
least post links to the site regularly on places like
Craig’s List and videos of 47 members on YouTube, it
won’t do any good any way.

I will say, however, the free Orchestration Class is
“off the chain”!! Dr. Ludwin is an excellent
instructor, and we’re receiving real-world information
as well as the standard course material/lessons.

Things like this class give me reason to hope that 47
may still have a chance. There are many, many feet
that need to be swiftly placed on far too many
backsides but it can be done.

(BTW 802 is on the skids as well!!!??? Daag, that’s so


I would like to bring attention to the fact that the leadership
and the only contractor for the RMALA aka PMG has caused
more damage to recording work in LA than any Beck Objector
could. I predict the RMALA leadership will eventually withdraw
its support from the union and AF of M, and officially form the
PMG and take as many members from the union as they can.
The PMG is an idea far worse than the legal status of financial
core. Hal Espinosa is a lame president who doesn’t have an original
idea to offer (at least not an honest one). The musicians who walked
out of the Simpsons session, and got the gig sent to SF are a bunch
of idiots. The fact that Phil Ayling, who clandestinely visited New
York so he could try to ransack the office of the President of the
AF of M proves the insincerity of the RMALA/PMG leadership and
their true motives.



RMALA Elite stranglehold on the recording industry is not much of a
secret but in case you do not know the process here it is again in
the nutshell.

Composers that want to strike it rich most likely have to sign with
GORFAINE/SCHWARTZ film composer agency…they are the biggest and so
it goes. When you get a movie repped by them, you are told from the
agency that you should use Sandy DeCrescent for contracting – (now
Peter Rotter), Joanne Kane for copying, etc – the monopoly continues.

another example – If you get a job working for Hans Zimmer and you
eventually get a score, you are told by Hans how to work – period.
You use the same team mentioned above.

The fact that the elite recording players are part of a named studio
orchestra – THE HOLLYWOOD STUDIO SYMPHONY – gives the illusion that
there is only one recording orchestra in LA and there is only one
contracting team able to provide great players….the monopoly continues.

All this is so the rich get richer and everyone under them complains.
SAD state of affairs.

DENIAL is not a river in Egypt – it is what every top session player
is in – they are barely hanging by a thread and they know it.


here is the latest and greatest – if you think recording is healthy
and holding its own and nothing should be changed do not read on. If
you are worried read below and get real AND WAKE UP. Start making a
difference in your future and start complaining to people that can
make a change. Complaining to Hal Espinosa at local 47 isn’t going to
change anything. You have to complain to the AFM itself. And the
RMALA is certainly not open to any change at all so……Complaining to
your colleague players is not going to change anything either.

[email protected] – President Tom Lee

[email protected] – sec/treas – Sam Folio

these are the two you should complain to

and here is the AFM board you should complain to

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]



It is very obvious that the RMALA elite is very scared and concerned that
their little perfect world of controlling all the recording in LA and in the USA
is in peril. They should be concerned because the numbers of players NOT
working with them is FAR outweighing them and anarchy is ever present.
Don’t know if the New Era, fi core guys are working, but they have gone
underground and are not looking for publicity anymore…..which is even
more dangerous now. If the AFM doesn’t do right for the RMALA elite,
they’ll have to defect to do their PMG and they’ll be in the same batch as
the Fi core guys – hilarious.

Last one to leave turn out the lights.


Can you get me a gig?


The time is perfect for making a reversal in the outsourcing of recording jobs
to places other than LA.

The biggest thorn in LA’s side is Seattle – at roughly 66 per hr (and the
other fees of recording) with NO backend….they are our biggest competitors.
There is no argument for getting the players up there to “see the light” of
what they are giving up as far as resid’s and new uses. They don’t care one
bit. They are working so much – money is all that matters. LA could hit them
right hard if we decided to play ball with the producers that go up there for the
obvious reasons.

The weakness of the dollar is a PERFECT reason to become attractive to
producers once again. If you go to London, you lose half of your money –
not looking good for London players at the moment. Our cheapest and
busiest competitor is Prague and they are sounding good with all the damn
sessions we have been sending them. If you go to Prague – you lose about
a third of your money or more right now.

A TIMELY, great argument for staying in LA to record is the loss of money
in the exchange rates………but once again….the bottom line is the AFM’s
and RMALA’s inability to sway the bean counters to look at the potential
payments after the project is recorded and convince them it is small, a part
of the profit sharing principal and a necessary expense for them. Options
abound for NOT recording here…and it is easy to find players to record a
score anywhere now….a veritable buyers market for recording sessions
you might say.

We should apply the basic business principals to our current situation
like any other business’s would and get all competent members back to
work again. The AFM was founded for working conditions for all
members…..not just a select group of players.



The next Local 47 General Membership meeting will take place on
April 28th, 2008. Please plan to be there! Who knows what attack
on the rank and file they will have planned.


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