…Absolutely guaranteed anonymity – Former Musician’s Union officer
…The one voice of reason in a sea of insanity – Nashville ‘first call’
scoring musician
…Allows us to speak our minds without fear of reprisal – L.A. Symphonic musician
…Reporting issues the Musicians Union doesn’t dare to mention – National touring musician

Name Withheld

A resolution requiring a balanced budget will be voted on. Please be
there to make the local be more “RESPONSIBLE”.



LOCAL 47 meeting – 7:30 1/25/16
Quorum Barely reached.

1) Amount spent on “TIME IS NOW” – $50,000
(Not including Officer/Staff time)
2) Most important question not answered:
If you get the 50% plus 1, but find that the number of
mutilated, blank or otherwise bad ballots bring It below
50%, will you still consider the 50% plus 1 reached?
3) Number of LOCAL members eligible to vote – 6,059
4) Revenues 3,462,589 – down from last year.
5) $276,000 in deficit spending in the typical year.
6) When asked if any members had requested the info
on who has and hasn’t voted, the president answered
no, when he knew in fact a member in good standing
HAD asked for the info.
7) President was asked who he nominated for the
financial committee.
He named THREE people with a long history in the
leadership of the RMA (Past or Present) and these
are the only ones President Acosta nominated or
even thought to nominate?…
People from the very group that is the most
responsible for Local 47’s financial plight?


Roll Called

2 resolutions for the evening

Says we cannot vote on the (Balanced Budget) resolution
because there had not been the 21 day notice to inform

PRESIDENT: “If the body wants to vote on it they can.
Will be implemented in May, so April meeting could work.”

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Not up to the body, the 21 day notice
cannot be waved, so there’ll be no vote on it tonight.

Co-writer of Resolution – There is 21 day notice to vote
on a resolution, but also there has to be 15 days notice
of any meeting, which didn’t come out in time. If we
cannot vote on the resolution, we cannot have a meeting.
[EC: Was also told later that the local never called them
to tell them the resolution would not be voted on.]

50 Year pin presented

PARLIAMENTARIAN: says there is NO notice requirement
for club meeting.

MEMBER: You’re wrong. Section 5 article 1, does require
notice. If we transact business it can be challenged, the
issue must be resolved.

Article. 5 section 4 under secretary duties, yep,.. the
notice is there.

Parliamentarian was wrong and correctly by member.

Point of info: Where is it in the bylaws that the day
the overture is brought to the post office is the
date that counts, rather than when the members get it.

COUNSEL – says when it’s mailed is the date.
Member tries to speak and
PRESIDENT tries to limit debate by calling for a
limit on debate, is stopped by member because
member has the floor.

MEMBER: Perhaps have the officer reports given,
then go to Club meeting. If it is the choice of the
officers to postpose the resolution the writers
will not object at this point but reserve the
right to file complaint later.

President moves to limit debate, majority vote
in the affirmative.

Legislative committee chooses to delay report
until the resolution can be voted on.

Minutes from special meeting corrected, moves
to adopt the minutes.

Minutes are approved.


Task force about recording contracts was formed.
After research, task force recommends to IEB July
2015 meeting.
Results are on website.
Since then met with members of IEB and Video
Games companies. Lots of discussion, agreed to
keep talking. Will continue to talk.

Created Composers Caucus – Issues that effect

Fi-core, non-union. – No mass exodus from Local
[EC: Why bother, the union is not going after non-
union recording as long as it’s kept down low,
though the opposite is professed.]

Lots of nego, 24 collective bargaining agreements
signed. Greek theater will keep covering musicians.

Gave cudos to employees who helped.

Additional drop of $100,000 in income.
Reduced Local’s costs by .5 million dollars
In 2016 we’ll continue the functioning of
our Local.


Echoes what John said about employees.
Involved with many negotiations.
Have learned: All musicians have a voice, all
have ideas, but main thing we’re still all
musicians and all care about the business
and industry.

Took part in SRLA Nego. in New York. Lots
of different ideas. Very tough negotiations.
Went with Eric Dawson, who has done it for 8 years.
Will be 3rd round here in LA. Hoping to have
usable contract for all.

Went to PBS Negotiations in New York. Attitudes
were more helpful. Round 2 is happening tomorrow.
All have high hopes.

Attended NAMM Show… it’s asinine that we have
no presence there. Next year we will.
(Applause from members)

Went to writer’s guild awards, will attend the
“Made in Hollywood Awards”, for those who
made movies in Hollywood.

Took building committee to Burbank site.
Toured the site. Note read from building committee
member about sale. Much of the speech is the
same we’ve heard for months. Nothing new.
[EC: almost identical to the FMA Report sent
out last week by the blog.]

Day after special October meeting,.. the day with
rain we had a huge leak in the auditorium.

Attended Gold Golf Classic meeting – at Mountaingate
Country Club hopefully.

Dick Nash’s birthday is tomorrow. Please wish
him well for his birthday.

MEMBER: We don’t need a full elevator. We need
secure parking, new building does not have secured

VP: There are 50 spaces that are fenced at the new
building. Less than full elevator would not be ADA


Report on 3rd quarter
Revenues 3,462,589 – down from last year.
Costs $3,225,293 – Reduction of over 500,000
Leave us a surplus of $236,596

Report was cumulative year to date, not just the quarter.

2016 dues are due

Monthy Jazz sessions – 1st Saturday of every month
are happening. “All union” internet music station
can be linked from website or download app “live 365”

We have free notary service for all members 323 993-3159.

DIRECTOR: About whether it’s a valid meeting… the Local
47 beat was emailed out more than 21 days before, and
all meetings have been announced previously.

MEMBER: Posting something on the website or through
email does not meet the notice requirements.

MEMBER Was the October Overture sent out on time?
MEMBER (Has Oct overture) – Page 7 – notice for special
meeting and membership meeting. NO mention of January
meeting. So there was no notice of the January meeting.

Until bylaws are changed, email or electronic notice
doesn’t count.

Moves that no formal business be conducted during

MEMBER: Let’s not create another problem.
Motion rescinded

-Last year discussed having awards ceremony
for $80,000. That was the cost of replacing the roof!
-ADA Compliance – we are grandfathered in, do NOT
need ADA compliance, though it is often said otherwise.

-Troubled by all the inconsistencies of the plan to sell.
Area is being gentrified, not going downhill, as was
said at the previous meeting.
-Developer is planning new huge complex near Arclight.
If it’s worth 24 million now, will be worth 30 million
in a few years.
-Too many inconsistencies. Are being bombarded
with calls, radio appearances….
-I’m insulted by the whole thing.
-As former member of election board, we always had
a PO Box to keep ballots, not kept in the Secretary office.
-With all the realtors out there, why is one of ours a
member? If there’s no building chosen yet, why have
all these drawings been made. Who’s going to hold
the money? Sounds like we’re just handing over millions
to the Officers of the Local.

PRESIDENT: Wants to form Financial Committee of
qualified people. Already met with attorney, If sale
goes through, investments will be put into an
“Endowment” so it is kept safe and cannot be spent
other than appropriate costs.

Can’t put deposit on building until the referendum
is passed. It will be a long process.

50+1 must vote; then 50 plus 1 must say yes.
Ballot Process:
-Keep track of number of ballots
-Have PO box 9399 at Cherokee St. Post Office
-Can also bring them in and drop them in locked
box at the guard desk.
-Once a week PO box is emptied, but keep track
of bar code on envelope so they know who’s voted.
-Scan ballot number to see who’s voted and keep
a list,… then kept in the Secretary’s office. Election
board has only key. That is where they’re stored.
-Phone bank operation to call those who’ve not
voted… hence multiple calls.
-When Feb 2nd comes along – All ballots will be
put in numerical order, will take the later ballot
when there are two for a member.
-Then: once duplicate ballots are removed.
Election board will open all the envelopes, move
privacy ballots into another container, then they’ll
all be mixed together to protect ID’s. Privacy
envelopes will be opened, votes will be counted twice.

Then results will be announced.

MEMBER: PRES of RMA: RMA made decision not
to take a stance on the referendum.
Does anyone outside have access to the list of
those who’ve voted.
Only those directly involved. – 8-10 folks.
Issues – Contractors could get the info to choose
who they hire, Members on Orch committees, are
also at risk,…

When I was on election board always had an
outside co. Why was there no outside company

PRESIDENT: The executive board decided that.

MEMBER: Ballot wording is bad.
President: Yes means yes, no means no. there
is no problem.

MEMBER: No faith in vote. On Nov 3rd – sitting
on desk were 75-100 ballots saying return to
sender, not locked up. What happened to ballots
that were returned to sender.

EMPLOYEE: Returned ballots are stored across
from reception, and are still there.
Trying to contact those members.

MEMBER: People are being called and asked
to vote yes,…. Not just to vote, but to vote yes…
that’s not ethical.

PRESIDENT: That concern has been raised a few times.

PRESIDENT: Everything we did was vetted legally.
So they CAN lobby members to vote yes. You may
not like it but it’s legal. No precedence for this
type of action from the local.

MEMBER: I don’t mind being called to get the
vote out, it’s that they try to convince you HOW
to vote.

MEMBER: How many ballot have been turned in?
Secretary reported 2800.

Do you count returned to sender ballots as votes?
Answer NO.

Who has access to the info of who’s voted, to
executive officers, board members, phone banks folks.
Answer: If there were concerns about confidentiality
that’s where you’d look.

MEMBER: Number of eligible voters as of cutoff date?
Secretary reports: 6,059
According by election board – what were the thousands
extra ballots about –
how many of the extras were used? Is there tracking
on those ballots?
Name must be attached to a number for it to be valid.

Why were members asked how they voted if it was a
secret ballot?

PRESIDENT: We wanted an idea of how the vote was going.

Do you have an up-to-date accounting of expenses
for the “Time is Now Campaign”?
Secretary: Approx. $50,000 (fifty-thousand!)

MEMBER: Wouldn‘t this discussion be better in
the club meeting.

DIRECTOR: Try to understand the position the board
has been in. Hearing a great deal of wanting to know
about ballot process and anger that the board knows
who has voted and who hasn’t. How can you keep
track of who’s voted. No one’s asked me,… we were
elected. And we have the info.

Can’t have strict accounting without the info.

MEMBER: Shouldn’t those who are against the sale
have the same amount of funds? The same use of
facilities. If it’s ok for the Local, the members
should have the same access to get their point across.

About PO Box – Once the postmark goes on the
envelope, that is when it’s good? Board said when
it’s postmarked,… but not when it arrives.

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Date of notice is when it’s
postmarked. Not when it’s received.

COUNSEL: The Post office decides when it’s
postmarked. The organization decides when
it has to be received.

MEMBER: You listed who had access to the
voting info. If you have 50% plus one ballots,
but some are found to be bad, can you still
say you have the 50% plus 1






Member: Typo in resolution. Noted.
Minutes approved.


Resolution read by VP Baptist.

Basic Motion: Article 9, sec. 1
According to the present Club Bylaws – Between
meetings the president can make emergency
decisions on all matters. Whenever a quorum
cannot be convened, the president can decide
during emergencies,… i.e. natural disasters, etc.

RESOLUTION CO_WRITER: Amendment: Is really
to bring the CLUB more into alignment with the
bylaws of the Local.

In old club bylaws the president can decide all
matters between the meetings.
With this change, he cannot,.. it must be an
emergency. Wanted to bring it over from the
Local’s bylaws.

COUNSEL: Part of the statement could be in conflict,…
Put Period after “United States of America”

Writer accepts change.

MEMBER: Tried to ask question, called out
of order by board member.

SAME MEMBER: Was there something that made
you think of doing this?

WRITER: 1992 was the last time the club bylaws
were amended. In the former Local bylaws, the
president could do anything he wanted. This is
mostly housekeeping, though the club bylaws
really have a lot of inaccuracies. This is an
important time, it’s best that there be more
control over what the president can and cannot do.

Since the boards (for Local 47 and the Club) are
one and the same, they should have the same
powers and same limits.

MEMBERS: Clarification – if there was an earthquake,
the president would not be authorized to make a
needed decision.

CO-WRITER: This definition was drafted directly
out of Corporate code. It is standard language.

COUNSEL: Corp board code talks about transferring
power to president from board in emergencies.

BREAK TO VOTE – 5 minutes.

Resolution votes: required 75 percent
55 voted
39 yes
16 no,….

Does not pass.

Comment about ballot wording: In the 4 page
mini-overture the wording of the ballot question
was perfect. Putting the building price in the
wording made the only difference between voting
yes and voting no is the price point. Cannot be trusted.

COUNSEL: The definition of the meaning of the question
is up to the drafter – No means NO and Yes means YES.

Question: How did the realtor who is not on the
board, or election board or in the administration
for the local in any way, get that private info on
who has and hasn’t voted to use to send out
personalized emails?

DIRECTOR: Phone banking is open to all members

COUNSEL: Members have free speech.

MEMBER: Well the realtor member, who is not on the
board or in the administration in any way shape or
form, got the info and used it to send personal emails.
Who’s to say any of those doing the phone bank can’t
use that info as well, or give it to anyone they want,
since it’s freedom of speech? All you have to do is
volunteer for the phone bank and you can get the info.

MEMBER: Talked to President personally. We’re in great
position. Am surprised that the election process is
causing so much controversy. Also surprised that the
“stay where we are” position has not been put out
there as much.

As to the Building committee members long support
statement, should be here to answer questions about
their position.

Shouldn’t say THE SALE, should say the “Proposed”
sale. The board should be neutral and not so
vehement for the sale.

Couldn’t we get a variance on the height restriction.
Wouldn’t that we Let’s talk the city and state into
putting more cash in the area.

Commission will be 1 million.
Takes thousands of gigs to equal that.

MEMBER: 1.5 million in the club, bylaws currently
state that excess go the local.
When talking about the costs, you said you had a
plan to create finance committee.
You have a lawyer write endowment papers
and limited trust.

Right now the trustees are the only ones who
can decide where the monies go and keeping
the investment documents,. AND the trustees
need to be able to access their investment funds
if the local comes up short on being able to pay bills.

$276,000 in deficit spending in the typical year.

The bylaws are in conflict with your plan for the money.

Campaign has been totally lopsided, dissenting
voices have not had the chance to be heard. It
has all been weighted on the yes side.

PRESIDENT: May need to come back and amend
the bylaws to set up the financial situation if
the sale goes through.
-Have addressed the campaigns lack of equality
many times,…. Will not again.

MEMBER: As more questions come up, there are
even more questions. Who has access to the
voting info. What would happen if a member
were to request that info.

PRESIDENT: Not aware of a request.
[EC: In fact a request HAD been made by a member,
Robert Hirschman, who is also the Lawyer for other
members concerned about the sale. The President
asked the counsel if there had been a request. He
directed the President to say no, when he knows
a request had been made.]

MEMBER interjects – Asked secretary About getting
the vote / no vote info – was told the numbers he
can be given but not the names.

Trustee makes recommendations, gives them to
board, board decides. Talking about an endowment
is putting cart before the horse.

[EC: President was asked who he nominated for the
financial committee.
He named THREE people with a long history in the
leadership of the RMA (Past or Present) and these
are the only ones President Acosta nominated or
even thought to nominate?…
People from the very group that is the most
responsible for Local 47’s financial plight?

If you ever needed proof that President Acosta is
in the pockets of the RMA, you’ve got it now.
Absolutely inexcusable and a real insult.]

MEMBER: Always an outside company to handle votes.
Lots of us are really fearful of the voting being handled
totally in house. One of the most important decisions
ever made will be done in house?

ELECTION MEMBER: Anyone who wants to can come
and observe the vote count. Find the inference a bit

DIRECTOR: Election committee is totally trustworthy.
We’re all members of the same union, and I have the
utmost respect for you.

MEMBERS: I am confident you’ll do the job wonderfully,
it’s just that this most important of votes is not done
like the regular elections, with an outside company.

Why would this adjustment be made? Hire an accountable
company to count the vote.

SECRETARY: In general our elections may have as many
as 50 members running for different offices. In this case
it’s either yes or no.

MEMBER: Election committee will be up all night just
opening and sorting votes… I personally have total
trust in the election board. They will be honest and
immaculate and do it only out of a desire to help.

To be a witness you have to apply within 5 days

PRESIDENT: Not in this case, you can ask the day
before and be admitted.

MEMBER: If we’d had an outside company, there’d
be no problem with ballots being left out on desks.
We’d not have to be putting up with this.

MEMBER: What about the 1000 extra ballots, can
you account for them all.

PRESIDENT: They stay at the Local until requested
by a member.

MEMBER: I got no calls….Why is that? I’ve been
hearing about repeated calls to members,..
but I’ve gotten no calls, Am I on some list?


MEMBER: I asked for money to make opposing
argument, for equal time, and was told no.

No answer from President.

Member calls for adjournment,…
(that’s how you shut down discussion)
Call is made and passed.

Meeting adjourned at 10:17



Bill Peterson was the President of Local 47 from 19 to 19

I have recently written to many of you about my questions
& concerns about the sale of 817 N. Vine. Since I have been
a member of Local 47 for over 50 years, and have been
an active member, playing trumpet & writing, of the live
music, and studio scene, then Business Representative
in Electronic Media engagements and have been an elected
Officer of Local 47, as V.P. and President, I have a long
relationship with Local 47 and it’s  members.

I have had many questions asked of me from my fellow
members, which I have expressed to Pres. Acosta, V.P.
Baptist & Sec. Treasurer Lasley. 

I note that there seems to be an urgent campaign to sell
the building and adjacent property at 817 N. Vine St.
This is the one and only asset Local 47 has, apart from
the skills and talents of our membership. Aside from
phone-bank calls, and printed material urging the
membership to vote, the reasons for this sale are obviously
not apparent to our members. I choose this document
to make comment on the sale of the property. I will not
be attending or speaking at tonight’s meeting, as I am
recuperating from a total shoulder surgery and cannot
drive or even play trumpet for a few weeks.

Contrary to some comments I’ve received, I have no
reason or feeling that anyone is trying acquire wealth
through the sale of building & adjacent property.
However, with respect to both sides in this matter,
I feel that the elected officials; Officers & Executive
Board have been pushing for this sale as soon as
possible, without giving the membership a chance to
consider what this would entail. This is borne out by
the many members who are questioning the advisability,
and reasons for the sale.

I sent a list of concerns & questions that members have
shared with me, along with those I felt needed  discussing
to Pres. Acosta & his assistant. Pres. Acosta told me he had
never received this list. Knowing of the problems in
communicating by computer, I sent these questions of mine,
& the concerns of members to him again.

He very promptly answered this time. 

I believe that the one tangible asset Local 47 has, is the
817 N. Vine St. property, along with our talented members.
I feel that such a sale, and the undertaking of building of
all the components we now possess at the Vine St. location
at a new site, would cost an unknown or undisclosed amount.
No figure have been offered to the membership as to what
these costs would be. No mention of the officials contacting
a contractor, architectural designer or architect has been
revealed. Would there be adequate parking, such as is
needed for tonight’s meeting, or simply going to the Credit
Union, if that asset moves along with us?

My point is a very simple & basic one, and it is this:

If Local 47’s finances now consist of anywhere from $900 K.
to just over one mil K., and the if the amount of work dues
does not increase dramatically, then the officers have a
right to worry about re-roofing the building, or fixing
whatever electrical items are needed. So far, all I’ve seen
was a column by V.P. Baptist alluding to such a vast amount
of repairs that it makes good sense to sell our asset, and
invest in a new location in Burbank. This sale of the present
building, and investing in a new site,  where ever it is, will
entail a great deal of expense;  new construction,  tearing
walls out and building rehearsal rooms, business & executive
offices, an auditorium, (which is rented occasionally at our
current location), & considerable other rebuilding anew. I
am not aware of the amount of free parking or its proximity
to this new site. Would it really be comparable to what
the Local has at present? 

What I have brought to mind is that when I joined Local 47 ,
transferring from San Bernardino Local 167 in the mid ’50’s,
I was told to go to the Palladium immediately, as a very
important meeting was being held. I arrived to find Phil Fischer,
the AFM West Coast Representative, crying at the podium,
pleading with the members who were forming a new bargaining
unit, The Guild. That very day, I met Uan Rasey, who explained
to me that the recording members have never been able to have
access or say-so in the bargaining for Phono recordings, or
any other contracts under which they worked. Soon after, I
did my 1st session in LA.,  for Van Alexander, for Gordon
MaCrae at Capitol A . The session paid approximately $50.00,
& I was very pleased to receive the check, as well as have my
1st date with Manny Klein, Bobby Guy & Conrad Gozzo, as
well as all the wonderful players, of whom I had only heard.
However, the Guild, as you know, got Sinatra & Reprise Records
to recognize the Guild as the organization with which they
would negotiate. This meant that AFM President Petrillo &
those who followed into the AFM Presidency, could not
funnel increases in wages  into  the Caesar, & James C.
Petrillo Trust Funds, and the players who did the work
got to raises, and would have a say in what was in their
contracts. The very presence of the Guild made Petrillo
& Co., modify their high handed approach to our members.

Incidentally the Phono Scale increased to $100.00.

If we remember the past, we can better plan, work and move
forward to bring film, TV, game shows, recording, jingles,
and all the work that Local 47 has been a leader. I am not
suggesting formation of another Guild. But I firmly believe
that we can take measures to rebuild our place in as the
place to score Films, TV, Game Shows, jingles & all other
forms of recording.  We must also remember that contract
negotiations which are best conducted not by suing the
other side, but by recognizing that the other side has their
wants and needs, as we do.

I know the Secondary Markets Clause has been factor that
has caused  the big studios to forgo working here, and led
\to scores being done in Seattle, London, Nashville, British
Columbia and Belgrade. I had dinner with our member, Jay
Cooper, a prominent attorney, and fine woodwind player.
He alluded to memos from the heads of many of the top
studios to producers they were in business with, not to
score here. 

I feel that we all recognize that if we are to survive in this
business, there has to be a way to bring this vital work
back to  Local 47. Of course I know too, that the RMA
wants to keep the secondary markets fund alive. This is
totally understandable… I have benefitted from this Fund
for many years. But what of all the competent players that
get little or no work as things now stand? What are we to
do, when the proceeds from the sale of the building is
used up, without being added to by new work dues, etc.?

I am not a magician, but I have been a player, and an
officer of our Union, and I think that we need to explore
& expedite other avenues with the Studios, and indeed
with our own RMA members. It’s been said, “The only
thing you can count on is Change” … and that certainly
holds true in all phases of our lives, as well as in this
business of music

It is wonderful that John Williams & J.J. Abrams scored
the new Star Wars film here. I understand that my old
friend  John has another film with Steve Spielberg,
which begins scoring here soon.

Just a note: When I was VP, I had plaques made inscribed
to John & Steve, from the Local, thanking them for scoring
‘HOOK’ here.

Steve took this quite seriously, and as he descended from
the podium in front of an orchestra of over 100, he looked
at me gratefully, and told me, “I can’t tell you how much
this means to me!” Of course I know that plaques alone
are not going to persuade employers to come back to Los
Angeles & Local 47 musicians to score their films.
Lawsuits are certainly necessary to enforce our contracts,
but a compliment will do more to engender a working
relationship than a slap.

Without changes to contracts, and the implementation of
better relations with the employers we want to attract
back to the local scoring stages, the money realized by
the sale of our single tangible asset, will be spent trying
to keep the Local going at some new  location in Burbank,
and those funds from the sale of the building & adjacent
property will be spent in a losing cause. Without the
regrowth of scoring & recording in this town, it will be
impossible to keep Local 47 alive & viable!

Just suing employers does not take the place of exploring
and talking with those from whom we wish to gain
employment again.

Yours for keeping the members’ needs, and Local
47’s fortunes at the top of everyone’s list!

Bill Peterson



Hello Again!
I received a call today from a member who wanted to
know, if a  member does not vote….can the Union
take some kind of action against them? They have lists.
Is this what this referendum has come to?….
You don’t choose to return your ballot (for
any reason) and because of the endless
phone calls and emails targeted at YOU
(member x)… now member  x feels threatened
that not returning the ballot might affect ones
future as a member?
This perspective was also brought up at Monday
nights meeting, by the new head of the RMA no less.
Essentially, …What if Contractor X, wants to
promote the Local 47/Club effort? (Example….
Hi xxx, heard you haven’t turned in your ballot…
by the way, I have a double at XYZ studio on Feb. 2.
I told the parties it was time to chronicle these encounters!


I would like to make a comment about last night’s 1/25
Union and Club meeting:

In general I believe I think this sale is a good idea and I
guess I had better get my ballot in soon.

There was a lot of emotion and ill will last last but I
thought that there was one set of comments that
were more disgusting than others.

The president of the RMA got up and said the RMA
has no opinion on this sale, a first, but speaking for
himself he didn’t like that people involved knew who
had voted and this could be a scary thing for work
if a contractor found out.


The biggest thing the RMA does is have a yearly
fundraiser where they have a contractor stand
on the podium and say how important buying
tickets are, even if you don’t or can’t go still buy.
And the RMA only gives tickets to the “first” chairs
to sell in their sections.

Are you kidding me? How outrageous this RMA
president is! People complain that the Union is
spending too much money on this vote so they
are just trying to contact people who have not
voted, many of which for one reason or another
did not get a ballot.

[EC: Pretty Rich the RMA complaining that folks
might get blackballed for their actions, eh?]


NO, NO, NO! Don’t sell our building. Not only
is it historical but it has so much potential
that only non business people (i.e. our
officers and board) would think of doing
such a thing. Unbelievable!




DEAN AND RICHARD are now playing every third Friday
at Culver City Elks 7:30pm-10;30pm,
11160 Washington Pl.
Culver City, 90232



Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at Viva Cantina
900 Riverside Drive, Burbank.

Free parking across the street at Pickwick Bowl.
Come hear your favorite charts played the way they
should be.

We are in the back room called the Trailside Room.

Come on down. Guaranteed to swing.



Chamber Concert

1/30/16 – 7:30pm
2465 Ventura Blvd
Camarillo, CA 93010

$25 (reception included)

[email protected]


Unique Pairing
Cheryl Ongaro, violin – Lynn Grants, viola
You don’t hear this music everyday!
Join us for a wonderful work by Malcolm Arnold
for flute, violin, viola, horn and bassoon.
And a charming wind trio by classical
composer Jacques Widerkehr

Wednesday – February 3, 2016 – 12:10-12:40 pm
Glendale Noon Concerts
*Glendale City Church*
610 E. California St. (at Isabel) • Glendale
Free Admission • 818.244.7241

Calico Winds bring refreshing lightness to music
that is too often bellowed…
The quintet’s suave phrasing, lively articulation
and rhythmic buoyancy are a delight throughout. 
— The Gramophone



Corbin Bowl and the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra
Present Concerts at the “Bowl” in the “Corbin Lounge”
Wednesday Evenings at 7:30 pm

February  3
The SFVSO Jazz Band
Performs standards from the Great American Songbook, featuring
Jimi Dee, guitar; Ron Singer, saxophone/flute; Adrian Miller, trumpet/
flugelhorn; Larry Muradian, bass and Chuck Burkinshaw, drums



February 10                   
The SymphoBlondiax
Perform music from baroque to contemporary  by Bach,  Domine, Vivaldi, 
Telemann, and others, featuring James Domine, guitar; Ruth Bruegger, 
Ruth Siegal, Carolyn Osborn, and Florence Titmus, violin; Glenn Grab,
‘cello and Larry Muradian, bass

February 17 
The Blues Bandits
Play and sing the “Blues,” featuring
David Reo, guitar and vocals; Jimi Dee, guitar and vocals; 
Larry Muradian, bass and Chuck Burkinshaw, drums

February 24            
The Screaming Clams
Rock ‘n’ Roll with music of the ’60s and late 70’s, featuring
Jimi Dee, lead quitar and vocals; Joel Domine, keys and guitar;
Larry Muradian, bass; Nick Scarmack, drummer and Rebecca Ray,
vocalist extraordinaire

“Lounge” at the Corbin Bowl 
19616 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana

Free Admission/ONE Drink Minimum
Persons under 21 years of age not admitted


For photos of the performers and the latest schedule updates, go to:




7:30 PM
Sessions at the Loft
2465 Ventura Blvd,
Camarillo, CA 93010

$25 (reception included)

[email protected]



will present the premiere of Paul GIbson’s
“The Shepherd’s Lot”
in three February concerts.

Harriet Fraser (soprano),
Amanda Walker (clarinet)
Irina Bazik (piano)

Winners of the 2015 Beverly Hills National Auditions

The European Concert Trio was formed in 2015 by
three European-born, Los Angeles-based professional
artists, each having already established successful solo
careers, to fulfill their passion for chamber music and
share it with Southern California audiences.


Fri, FEB 19 – Encinitas – 7:30pm
The City of Encinitas presents
Music by the Sea concert series
Encinitas Library
540 Cornish Drive
Tickets: $13, plus fee. Purchase tickets in advance here.

Sat, FEB 20 – Torrance – 3pm
Classical Crossroads &
FirstServe Community Services present
The Interludes concert series
First Lutheran Church & School
2900 W. Carson Street
Tickets: FREE, donations appreciated. Information here.

Sun, FEB 21 – Beverly Hills – 2pm
Music in the Mansion concert series
Greystone Mansion
905 Loma Vista Dr.
Tickets: $20. Information here.


You can read all previous offerings at:

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