Report from the Committee: Volume 2/MEETING RPT/FREELANCERS

Report from the Committee: Volume 2

Inside this edition:
•Jaunary 10th Local 47 meeting report
• What’s to come for this list
• A new association for freelancers-and it’s free!


The Meeting That Should Have Been But Wasn’t.

Braving the worst weather some say in decades a total of 52 Members came to Monday evening’s Local 47 meeting to have a say in the Amendment that was to be voted on.

As of 7:15 PM there were 33 in attendance, well short of the quorum needed for a formal meeting.

At appox.7:15 Hal Espinosa, Local 47 President, closed the prospect of a meeting by declaring the lack of a quorum, but considering the inclimate weather decided that they would make announcements and allow comment on the amendment.

By far the bulk of the comments condemned the idea of raising the Quorum to 100, some citing that very meeting as a prime reason why it shouldn’t be allowed. Some derided that it had been brought up in the first place. As for the board themselves, they wanted to raise the quorum because they felt it wasn’t fair for 33 people (2/3 of 50) to decide issues for the entire union. In their eyes, 12 people who see the in and out of the union every day know better than 33 who show up to a meeting. Rather condescending I would say.

Then something that should be an eye-opener to all happened. At 7:35, a new informal count by several in attendance pointed out that there were in fact 52 members there, and that a formal meeting should be allowed..

With the worst weather in decades and with several people demanding that a formal meeting now take place, considering the trouble people went to to get there, Mr Espinosa refused to rescind his closing of the meeting and did not allow a formal meeting to take place.

Keep in mind, the officers of this union are hired and PAID A SALARY to work for the MEMBERS OF THE UNION, the entire union. The president is the sole person with the power to formally call a meeting official or not.

Should Mr. Espinosa’s interest have been in the MEMBERSHIP and their voice, he would have, and easily COULD HAVE, called for a formal meeting. He refused, even considering the weather and the trouble those had gone through to get there, he refused. This type of action for an elected official says more than any number of normal meetings. The president’s blatant dis-regard for the members and their voice should be remembered by all for future reference.

Thus, the meeting that SHOULD have taken place didn’t.


Tomorrow, at or around 10 am,.. and with NO MEMBER INPUT, the board will be free to decide for itself, against the obvious will of the vast majority in attendance at the meeting, if the Quorum change is enacted, whether the change in the working of the trial board will be enacted, and whether the changing of the union budget to a straight budget and not a departmental budget will be decided.

As a dues paying member of this Union this should incense you.

It might very well make no difference, but if you want them to postpone the quorum decision or want to express your outrage at the conduct of the President, please call Secretary Serena Kay Williams at (323)993-3160 first thing in the morning(Tuesday) and tell her that you want the quorum of 50 retained and demand the board be told of your desire.

You can also express you support or lack of support for the actions taken by the officers last night through the website.
Serena Kay Williams – [email protected]
Hal Espinosa – [email protected]

There is also a box to make anonymous comments to the union on the website as well. LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!


Serena assured several members in conversation at the meeting that, regardless of the wording, legitimate excuses will always be taken into account concerning meetings with the trial board. She insists that members will only be found automatically guilty and charged for the cost of a meeting of the trial board when a person knows about the date and simply does not show up.

Serena and Hal in conversations with members said that having a NON-DEPARTMENTAL BUDGET will free to board in their use of the funds, making the budget more flexible to unforeseen needs.

IN the right hands, this could of course work well, in the wrong hands, someone or some group could starve areas they do not support and give extra funding to areas they do.

Matters of Membership Dues and Salaries must go through the membership, so this cannot be acted on by the board alone.
Owing to confusion in the language, what seemed to be desired increases in salary have already taken place, some time ago. The higher salaries are already in place, the cost of living increase is already in place. The wording crossed through in the printed amendment was redundant. No member action is required.

FOR THE FUTURE: Concerts and More

In future Volumes of this list, we will gladly advertise your concerts and appearances. Should the material be appropriate we will forward information of value to members for you as well.

***A NEW ASSOCIATION FOR 47 MEMBERS, and there is NO FEE!***

The creation of the Freelance Musicians Association was announced at this evenings meeting. This association will be working with Local 47. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Thank you for reading!

The Committee for a Responsible 47

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