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Hal and Company hit a new low

This letter just arrived from member Charles Fernandez. We agree with everything here wholeheartedly!


Fellow Local 47 members,

Just as we thought we were at the end of the election campaign, Hal, out of desperation, hits a new low.

Violating Campaign Law?
This thing about David violating the campaign law is a laugh. I was at the local when these “violations of law” took place. BEFORE David was a candidate, he was collecting signatures in the lobby. Serena came out to say it was a violation of campaign law to campaign on the premises. David had to remind this 22 year employee that he was NOT YET A CANDIDATE, and since he was not yet a candidate, he couldn’t be campaigning, he was collecting signatures to BECOME a candidate. Therefore, by LAW, collecting signatures was perfectly fine.

She didn’t like it but he was right. A pathetic lie by this administration to keep their power at all cost!

Sexual Harassment?

I’ve known David for years and talked about this matter with him fully. Since he half expected for the Espinosa Administration to pull out this old chestnut if they thought they were in trouble, he sent to his friends this explanation. You can indeed check the record yourself on this one. Check the records HAL says are atrocious, they aren’t. THESE are the facts, and no one should vote for anyone willing to go to the depths of character attack as Hal has here. To go to this level of character assassination you normally have to look to Washington, but not anymore, thanks to Hal.

While we know this attack is out of desperation, that is no excuse. If this were not a campaign, I would insist David sue Hal for defamation. The record shows Hal’s statement concerning everything except cost to be a clear fabrication. Indeed, PLEASE, check it yourself. Everyone with the slightest knowledge of Union politics knows that since David was not one of the “Good Old Boys” when he was elected they were digging for ways to remove him from the moment he took office. We expect no better from them, and they seldom disappoint, though I cannot believe the entire board would stoop to this level.
From David:
The short answer is that in the early 1990’s at the Network Office I had a female assistant who filed a complaint. It was thoroughly investigated and I was completely cleared. The longer explanation is that a new employee, shortly after her probationary period had expired, made a complaint that I, as her supervisor, had asked her to water the plants in the office, and had once asked her to bring me a cup of coffee. Because I was a man and she a woman, this was automatically registered as a sexual harassment complaint even though no sexual impropriety was ever alleged. It quickly turned into a firestorm. A committee was set up to investigate. Tens of thousands of dollars of legal fees were spent. Most of Local 47’s employees and some persons from outside the building were interviewed. The investigation took several months. The committee’s conclusion was that I had done nothing wrong. Being overly cautious, the committee asked me to attend a sensitivity training seminar, which I did.

I have always been and continue to be a strong advocate of women’s right.
That’s untenable? That is a despicable lie about David.

In the end people always show their true colors. Hal has just shown his, if his power is in danger it’s scorched earth all the way. Despicable, Inexcusable and conduct unbecoming a union EMPLOYEE, much less an official or even a human being.

Can you trust David as President? I believe so, but as Ron Hess said, if you don’t like the job David does for you you can vote him out in 2 years. It’s an unknown, as any new candidate is, but we DO know that he couldn’t do worst than Hal, who has shown no interest in the rank and file, casual, freelance or orchestral players.

In fact, David would have to work unbelievably hard to do more damage to the Local than Hal has done in the last 2 years through inattention to his job by handing over the reins to a convicted felon. Whether he knew it or not, the roughshod being run over our employees and services were known to him and the board and they did nothing, nada, zip until he was FORCED by the membership to act.

The Local does deserve far better than they have now. And with your help, we’ll get it tomorrow.

He does not deserve our vote and he certainly does not deserve a living off the backs of our fellow members, nor does VP “Services do not belong in a union and I don’t work Wednesday’s or have to answer questions” Trombetta.

Enough is enough, You’ve seen now who they really are, in their own words. You know what to do tomorrow. For the sake of our Local you must do it.

Thank you for reading.

Charles Fernandez
Local 47 member for 23 years.

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