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We’ll bet the buyer of the union hall didn’t count on this!
So much for those big plans for that land.
Heard of a “Pig in a Poke?”
Musicians Union Hall in Hollywood

Given Local Monument Status
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on March 23, 2018 in Hollywood |

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The Los Angeles City Council Friday voted to add the Musicians
Union Hall in Hollywood to the city’s list of historic-cultural monuments.

The Musicians Union Hall at 817 Vine St. was built in 1950 and was
one of the final commissions of architect Gordon B. Kaufmann
before his death in 1949. It was nominated for monument
status by Hollywood Heritage.

“Hollywood is a neighborhood deeply rooted in the entertainment
industry, rich in landmarks and historic resources that help paint
a picture of our past as well as a look to our future of film and
television production,” said Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, who
represents the Hollywood area. “I was thrilled to work on this
application with owner Lincoln Property Company and the
applicant Hollywood Heritage. The collaboration will help
preserve a bit of Hollywood history for generations to come.”

Until July 2017, the hall served as a clubhouse and organization
headquarters for the Musicians Union Local 47, now known as
the American Federation of Musicians Local 47.
Kaufmann was the architect who designed the Greystone
Mansion in Beverly Hills, a 1930s-era section of the Los
Angeles Times complex, the Earl Carroll Theater and the

The council’s 11-0 vote found that the hall qualified for
monument status for multiple reasons, including that it
is an example of Corporate International style architecture
in Hollywood. The union was also the first local musicians
union in the United States to desegregate, and the building
was where tens of thousands of musicians paid their dues
over the years.

Lincoln Property is currently securing tenants for the building,
and the space will be used for studio and creative office uses,
O’Farrell’s office said. Lincoln Property is also constructing a
three-story, 52,477-square-feet office building neighboring
the Musicians Union Hall to the north.



So who really started the process of making
the Vine Street building a Local Monument site?
Who brought it to the attention of the city?
One we can certainly thank is Helen Crosby.
The other is Susan Winsberg, who gave a very
effective and influential presentation to the
Los Angeles City Council.


Here is the letter that most likely started the process.
Re: Proposed Sale of Musicians Union/ Musicians Club
building and property-Vine street and Lillian Way,
Hollywood, CA 90038

You and/or your organization are receiving a copy
of the enclosed Letter of Concern regarding the
proposed sale of the real estate property owned
by the Musicians Club of Los Angeles, a 501 ( c)
2. The property is held for the benefit of the parent
organization, Professional Musicians Union of
Hollywood, Local 47 AFM, a 501 ( c) 5.

One or more of the issues contained in the
Letter of Concern may also be of concern
to you and/or your organization.

Excerpts from a Letter of Concern: Dated November 9, 2015


This letter is being written to communicate to those interested
parties of clear opposition to the decision of the Executive
Board of the Musicians Club/Local 47 to sell the real estate
property owned in Hollywood, CA. Approval of the sale
must be obtained from the membership by referendum.

Contrary to the proposal of the elected officials, there is
deep concern among the rank-and-file that 1) the membership
strongly disagree with the sale of the union hall, which is a
Hollywood “mid-century” landmark and our historic home;
and 2) the membership has been systematically kept from
engaging in regular membership meetings where concrete
action might be taken; and 3) the timeline for the process
of the sale of the properties has been manipulated to frustrate
any debate; and 4) the Local 47 officers, who have been
working towards the sale of this real estate for six months
before making the membership aware of the proposal, are
now using every tool at their disposal, including the official
newspaper, phone banks and staff personnel, to influence
the outcome of the vote on the issue.

Simply put, there is a consensus outside the administration
by the few who have been able to engage in discourse, that
the elected officers are seeking a quick fix to a long term
problem, i.e. the decrease in revenue to the local. Simply
put, we are being hustled and muscled out of our historic
home without consideration of alternatives to being divested
of a wholly owned facility.

Cc: Professional Musicians’ Union/Club-Local 47
Executive Board: Gary Lasley, Secretary-Treasurer;
International Executive Board-American Federation
of Musicians: Sam Folio, Secretary-Treasurer, AFM;
Los Angeles Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO: Rusty
Hicks, Executive Secretary-Treasurer; U.S. Department
of Labor, Office of Labor Management Standards:
Ed Oquendo, Director; Los Angeles Times: Paul
Pringle, Reporter; Hollywood Reporter: Business;
Variety: Joseph Meehan, Features; LA Weekly:
Mara Shalhoup, Editor; Los Angeles Heritage
Commission: Richard Barron, AIA, et.al.; Hollywood
Heritage: Bryan Cooper, President; Los Angeles
Conservancy: Linda Dishman, President/CEO;
Committee for a Responsible 47.com



On March 23, 2018, the Los Angeles City Council
unanimously approved the former headquarters of
Local 47 Musicians Union Hall as a Historic Cultural

We would like to thank the efforts of Hollywood
Heritage, Los Angeles Cultural Commission,
Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell, and Local
47 Members Helen Crosby and Susan Winsberg.


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RMALA 30 years late, when most of what they
profited from is gone they just now are bringing
this to Musicians attention?

When they have time on their hands they’re
forced to look around and find out how much
they lost. And caused to be lost.

Last weekend brought the 2018
UCLA Entertainment Symposium –
and a focus on streaming.

Streamers’ Spending Spree the Talk of UCLA
Entertainment Symposium is the title of a great
article by Jonathan Handel, One key excerpt
demonstrates how far music and musicians
have been left behind in this new “Golden Age
of Television”:  That loot has enabled SVOD
services to spend $5 million to $7 million per
hour-long episode, significantly greater
than the $3 million to $5 million that
networks spend…”

Here some links for more information:
Tom Wolzien, media analyst: http://www.wolzien.com/
Jonathan Handel, entertainment law and journalist: http://www.jhandel.com/




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